Vimar offers touch-free temperature control with Eikon Tactil


The interface would be less noteworthy, however, if it didn’t also please the eye, a sense that remains thankfully unscathed under the shadow cast by the pandemic. Made of plate glass, in black or white diamond finishes with RGB LED matrix display, it sits flat against the wall, interrupting the lines of a room minimally and doing its best to blend invisibly into its surroundings.

The combination of architect-friendly minimalism and refinement in its design and innovative functionality have earned it a prestigious Red Dot award – not a first for the company but an award they are nevertheless rightfully proud of. ‘Straight-forward, elegantly designed and featuring several control options’ was the assessment of Peter Zec, founder and managing director of Red Dot, and certainly its intuitive comprehensibility, flexibility and style seemed to have charmed the jury.


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