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Seven Simple Ways to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

  • Seven simple ways to have an environmentally friendly kitchen

Being mindful of climate change and carbon footprints doesn’t mean being tough and hard on the things you put in it.

We can make big differences in small changes, so that those small changes are easy to maintain and more people want to make them.

The kitchen is a great place to start, with an emphasis on the utensils you use, the products you buy, and the appliances you use.

Here are seven simple ways to create an environmentally friendly kitchen.


Seven Simple Ways to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen
Seven Simple Ways to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen


  1. The use of energy-saving devices

You should first check how energy efficient your appliances and sources are,

so if you are doing some renovations at home and looking to buy new appliances like a stove, dishwasher or refrigerator, you need to check their energy efficiency ratings.

New devices are rated by measuring the kilowatt hours a device is using per hour,

and the fewer units of energy used, the higher the efficiency rating.

And if you want an eco-friendly kitchen, make sure you know the rating before purchasing any appliance,

as more energy efficient appliances will save you energy and money.

Another way you can save energy in the kitchen is by using energy saving lamps


  1. Reducing water waste

If you do the washing in the sink, avoid letting the tap run endlessly,

just let the dishes soak in the water and turn off the tap when not in use.

If you can’t do that, you should start installing motion sensor faucets,

as soon as those faucets feel that your hands aren’t in the sink, they turn off automatically at once.


Seven Simple Ways to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen
Seven Simple Ways to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen


  1. Dispose of food waste properly

First you must have a food waste collection service that properly collects and dispose of your food containers.

But you should know that not all local authorities implement this,

so we will provide you with other ways to do so.

Some people choose to have a waste disposal system installed under the sink in the kitchen,

where any food waste gets crushed into small pieces that are washed away down the drain.

This is an environmentally friendly alternative because it prevents food from falling into the landfill.


  1. Grow your own herbs

Instead of buying prepackaged herbs from stores, try to grow as many herbs as you like.

This will reduce your use of plastic and save money.

Another advantage is that you can choose the herbs you want to grow so that you never have to worry about running out of weeds in the supermarket again.

Growing herbs around the kitchen will give them a beautiful, natural look.

Growing and caring for your own herbs can be a satisfying experience that not only benefits your cooking but also your psyche.


  1. Use of refillable products

Supermarkets are now offering refillable products to reduce plastic waste.

And these products are used for dry foods, such as pasta, rice, nuts, etc.

Bring your own cans for this to the supermarket and fill it up again.

The more people use wen refillable products, the better because this will greatly affect the reduction of plastic.


Seven Simple Ways to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen
Seven Simple Ways to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen


  1. Long lasting use of kitchen gadgets

When buying cooking utensils, tableware, tableware and general kitchen utensils, avoid choosing cheap products, so that you do not end up having to buy again within a few years and after that these materials are wasted and go straight to the landfill.

Consider it an investment and buy items that will last for you in the long term.


  1. Clean your kitchen with environmentally friendly products

The way you clean your kitchen impacts the environment,

so instead of stocking up on detergents laden with chemicals, buy eco-friendly products instead.

There are also home remedies that you can use to clean your kitchen,

which work just like any other traditional cleaning product.

For example, by using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda,

your kitchen will be clean without any harmful and harsh chemicals.

Living a greener life through simple changes in your kitchen is a beautiful goal that is easy to achieve,

and changing some of your habits here and there can bring about big changes,

so these 7 simple ways to make your kitchen greener will make the world a more sustainable place.


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