• Public Investment Fund projects

  1. NEOM Project

“The Line” city project is the first major development project in the “NEOM” investment area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This project is a giant step and part of the 2030 Agenda, as it is the new future and the new history,

and it is the most suitable destination to live in a world fit for the talents of the future.

Neom is a special area, designed as a new vibrant destination located in the northwest of the Kingdom,

and seeks to become a place that brings the best minds and companies together to push the boundaries of innovation to the highest levels.

This region is designed to surpass major global cities in terms of competitiveness and lifestyle as well as distinguished economic opportunities,

it is expected to become a leading center for the entire world.

The project is located in the northwest of the Kingdom, and includes lands within the Egyptian and Jordanian borders,

as it will provide many development opportunities with a total area of ​​26,500 km2.


Public Investment Fund projects
Public Investment Fund projects


  • Project features

The project enjoys a number of unique advantages, including proximity to markets and international trade routes.

This project enjoys stunning terrain that includes pristine beaches that extend over an area of ​​more than 460 km from the Red Sea coast and many stunning nature islands.

And the scenic mountains that overlook the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, and whose peaks are covered with snow during the winter season,

as well as the perfect desert that extends its tranquility and beauty.

This special area will be an example to be followed internationally in the future, in terms of improving the quality of life in all its aspects,

from education, health, food, transportation, entertainment, and modern technical industry,

in addition to employing the latest security technologies of the future and including them in the infrastructure of the project in order to emphasize the security and safety of its residents and their gains.

And providing great economic opportunities.

The “NEOM” project will allow its citizens to access the sites and facilities within the project on foot or by bicycle,

in addition to providing the best transportation infrastructure that adopts the technologies of the future.

Moreover, the services of the NEOM government will be easy to use,

while providing fast and free digital services to people, including the Internet in all places, to enhance education and facilitate communication.


Public Investment Fund projects
Public Investment Fund projects


2. The Red Sea Project

A project that aims to develop lands and properties located on the Red Sea coast according to innovative global designs that are sustainable,

and reflect the experiences of the nature of the picturesque region that can be accessed from most regions of the world in a journey that takes only 8 hours.

The project is characterized by maintaining 75% of the area to be landscapes that represent a natural paradise,

and all project facilities will be operated with 100% renewable energy.

The project will be established on the coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea, to attract tourists to visit and explore the western coast of Saudi Arabia,

the project covers 28,000 km2 of the desert, beaches, desert, mountains and volcanic areas.

It was also proposed to neutralize 9 islands from the development process and consider them as valuable environmental sites,

with an emphasis on commitment to an environmental conservation rate of 30% by 2040,

by developing the largest battery storage facility in the world, allowing the entire site to operate with renewable energy 24 hours,

and this includes sites located within the interface islands.

The project is scheduled to be completed by 2022 with the construction of 3,000 hotel rooms,

in addition to an airport, marina and entertainment centers.


Public Investment Fund projects
Public Investment Fund projects


  • Advantages of the Red Sea project

  1. The project is a pioneering coastal destination, located on a number of virgin islands in the Red Sea.
  2. The ruins of Mada’in Saleh are located next to the project and are distinguished by their urban beauty and great historical significance.
  3. The project will provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about the hidden treasures in the area of ​​the “Red Sea” project, including a natural reserve to explore the diversity of flora and fauna in the area.
  4. Adventure enthusiasts will be able to navigate between the inactive volcanoes located next to the project area, and diving enthusiasts will explore the abundant coral reefs in the surrounding waters.

    The project also features rich marine life and biodiversity, which is represented by large areas of mangroves and a large number of hawksbill turtles.

The project will also include dormant volcanoes a short distance from the coast, in addition to a nature reserve.

The project is the most important step in the terms of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to diversify the sources of the economy,

and it may attract the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to huge investments at the level of airports, ports and hotels in that region,

which has a wonderful geographical nature that prepares it for success in the future.

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