Novel Structure – Le Corbusier (1/4)

Novel Structure – Le Corbusier (1/4)


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It is miles about time to focus on about the guidelines of the founder of up-to-the-minute architecture .
Le Corbusier is a Swiss architect and a French citizen . In his guide “in direction of novel architecture” he highlights that the architecture kinds equivalent to the Gothic bid is downgrading the alternate whereas the engineers that depend on pure kinds , math and the rules of nature waste aesthetic architecture.

On this video, which is technically a abstract for the first few chapters of “In the direction of novel Architecture ” we additionally demonstrate Le Corbusier 3 reminders to Architects.

-The Mass
-The Surface
-The Plot

The Mass desires to be made a pure geometrical kinds.
The surface , or the openings and the constructing skin ought to not dilute the purity of the form
and the thought creates the Harmony of the mission.

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