Zaha Hadid Architects complete the latest cultural center in China

In the beginning .. Does any of the architects know Zaha Hadid?

Zaha Hadid, an architectural genius that transcended all borders … a famous Iraqi architecture, known for its design for the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in the United States and Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan. Architecture Prize.

She is renowned for her expressive designs that are streamlined from multiple points of view, and she is considered a pioneer of contemporary architecture. She is also internationally renowned for her innovative experimental designs. and Edythe Broad Art Museum in the USA, as well as many other architectural creations.

زها حديد

She later acquired British citizenship, established her own architecture office and achieved tremendous success through it. Its innovative and abstract designs have gained international fame, and within years it has established itself as one of the world’s most famous architects. She also practiced the teaching profession and embarked on some high-level interior designs, in addition to her architectural works.

Finally, Zaha Hadid brought us an attractive new architectural masterpiece, this time in China, the future complex of the so-called Changsha Meixiu International Center for Culture and Arts which is located in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province of China

It is part of a massive $ 130 billion infrastructure plan for the region that went into effect in 2012 – as the new center plays a major role.

Located on an area of ​​1.2 million square feet on the shores of Lake Meixi, the MICA Museum of Contemporary Art (which itself includes eight galleries, a café, a workshop space, and a gift shop around a huge central atrium), 1,800 large theaters with charming wooden interiors and a multi-purpose hall can accommodate 500 seats to produce special products like fashion shows and concerts. Among these three major components are the outdoor patios that will host their events and exhibitions.

زها حديد

In a true Zaha Hadid style, the white structures of the center take on futuristic shapes, characterized by stripe-like ripples inside and outside that reflect pedestrian paths traveling across the campus, not to mention the walking paths on the neighboring Festival Island.

From a more abstract viewpoint, they could even represent the ancient trade routes that were passing through Changsha. There is also a link to more modern ways within the city – the Arts and Culture Center, the largest mixed-use cultural center in Hunan Province, connects directly to its station on line 2 of the new metro system in Changsha. Changsha is located on historical trade routes across China, as it continues the traditions of Changsha as an important communications center as one of the leading media centers in the country as the Grand Theater in the center hosts a popular program of shows and TV shows.

Designed for the widest variety of performing arts, Grand Theater provides all front jobs in carved lounges, bars and hospitality suites, as well as additional functionality needed including administrative offices, rehearsal studios, behind-the-scenes logistics, wardrobe and dressing rooms. With eight adjacent exhibition galleries covering 10,000 square meters around a lobby for large facilities and events, the MICA Art Museum also includes spaces for community workshops, lecture theater, cafe, and museum museum

Zaha Hadid

The small theater is characterized by its flexibility. This multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 500 seats can be transformed into different configurations to accommodate a wide range of functions and performances that range from small plays, fashion shows and musical performances to banquets and commercial events.

These three civic institutions span 115,000 square meters, are defined separately and separately, yet complement each other with different working times that create vitality throughout the day and evening. The theater becomes active as the art museum begins to wind down during the day, while various events in the smaller theater ensure its use at all times.

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