What are the types of security glass:

What are the types of security glass and what are the ways of using it?

– Securite glass:

It is called safety glass, which is produced when processing ordinary glass thermally, as it is heated under high temperatures up to 680 degrees Celsius in order to gain strength and hardness as a result of exposure to high temperatures and then sudden cooling. And this glass itself has different colors such as (white – green – blue – bronze).

This glass consists of one layer and its thickness range between (5-6) millimeters.

Securit Glass features:

1- It is characterized by being more tough and tough glass.

2- This type of glass can withstand greater shocks and high temperatures without being affected like any other type of glass.

3- When a strong collision occurs to cars made of this glass, it crumbles to very small crumbs, so that no one is hurt.

4- He has the power to rise in his temperature very quickly and also to drop very quickly.

The disadvantages of securite glass:

It is less resistant and weaker at the sides, especially the upper part, although the middle is more robust and firm.

Securite glass is divided into two types:
1- Reinforced glass

It is a type of glass that is heated under a very high temperature of 600 ° C, and when it comes out of the oven directly it is cooled so that its strength and hardness increase much more than ordinary glass.

2- Heat-strengthened glass

It is a type of glass that reduces wind intensity and is not subject to breakage and shocks, and its tolerance rate is twice that of ordinary glass.

The uses of securite glass in the interior and exterior spaces:
– Securite glass is considered the most suitable material for filling voids and making breaks:

To divide homes and companies into the largest number of parts in an aesthetically elegant way.

– Securite glass is used for interior and exterior spaces:

In order to allow the transmission of light to be maintained and is resistant to impact and breakage, since if it is subjected to a large collision it is broken into small parts that do not harm people.

Securite glass has an attractive and elegant shape:

Therefore it promotes its use in many places such as:

(Offices / Pharmacies / Shore Baths / Mirrors / Petrines / Inter-company glass breaks).

* Securite glass is available in different shapes, discussions, and sizes, to suit all customer tastes

The types of securite glass used for interior spaces and for dividing rooms are glass:
Colored hardener.
Reflector Reinforced
Very transparent.
Imprinted on it.
Plain sandalwood or painted toll.
Famy Securit Glass.


Securite glass uses in general:

Securite glass is used in:

1- Internal spaces:

In making glass breaks in offices where it is characterized by being a light transmitter for the highest level until they have a bright and more lively working environment.

2- Doing the doors:

The doors made of security glass allow the light to penetrate, making the places that use it more bright.

3- As a tonic:

Which is characterized by its strong transparency in the work of referral destinations to allow viewing inside.

4- Colored or less transparent in the bathroom shower.

5- Bathroom mirrors:

Being the most permeable and transparent.

6- Making Al Sharqat:

It even gives a distinctive and attractive shape to it.

7- Making auto glass.

Procedures that must be followed when purchasing and installing security glass:

1- Making sure to use the latest equipment in installing glass.

2- Relying on people who specialize in installing glass until it is done correctly.

3- Precisely measuring the area to which the glass is intended in the areas.


* Securite glass prices:

Securite glass prices are suitable for all classes …

-Securate glass prices range between (150- 200)  SR per meter.


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