Restoration of villas and palaces, structural study and finishing

Restoration of villas and palaces, structural study and finishing

Restoration of villas, palaces, buildings and large houses is carried out only by engineering offices that have a significant weight in the field of architectural and construction engineering and the design of exterior and interior decoration, in addition to their strong reputation for reliability, speed, safety and high quality based on experience and professionalism in performance.

ترميم الفلل والقصور - Restoration of villas and palaces

The engineering office is required to include an integrated team with multiple experiences of consultants and specialists with high certificates in the construction, finishing and restoration works, in addition to labor in various fields of construction work, such as maintenance and electricity, workers for painting, engineers specialized in decoration, painting and ceramic installation and All types, restoration works for villas and palaces include:

  • Electricity repairs
  • Yes restorations
  • Separator paints restorations
  • And cracking of concrete works to isolate concrete from moisture
  • Water and thermal insulation works and concrete repairs old and new
  • Chemical injection works

Structural examination of villas and palaces:

Villa restoration is a very difficult process, since building a villa from the beginning is easier than repairing it. The restoration process starts from the structural examination by accurately filing and documenting the site, a full study of the foundations and rules, the expected causes of the cracks and therefore defining the necessary treatment steps and writing a report on the history of cracks and the owner’s question, and comprehensive knowledge of methods to address cracks, cracks, wall mold and moisture.

Restoration of impermeable capillaries: they are capillary cracks that are widely spread on concrete surfaces, which usually produce concrete shrinkage. They can be treated in a number of ways, such as epoxy, resistant to low viscosity water leakage, where they can leak inside the capillaries, and the surface of the concrete must be completely dry, clean and empty. Part of the weak or loose concrete.

Restoration of horizontal cracks is very wide: in the case of horizontal cracks of little width, restoration is made in the case of penetrating cracks to the opposite surface of the concrete. The cracks are blocked from the other side using epoxy materials or polymeric cement materials. The crack is cleaned well and the cracked parts are removed from the concrete and the cracks are not treated In this way, unless the concrete surface is completely dry, then a low-viscosity epoxy is poured directly into the cracks until the deep cracks are filled with the injection method, the cracking method is correct by injection under the influence of air pressure for all types of horizontal and vertical concrete cracks, whether evil Kh on one side or permeable to the other surface of concrete

ترميم الفلل والقصور - Restoration of villas and palaces

The cracks are injected according to the following steps:

  1. It determines the path of the crack and expands to a depth and width of 1-2 cm
  2. Fill the crack with an epoxy material, and work is done on both sides in the case of penetrating cracks. Holes are made in the previous surface to fill it with epoxy mortar on one side only in the case of penetrating cracks, and that at distances ranging between 25-50 cm with a depth determined according to the depth of the crack and the porosity degree of concrete.
  3. Metal pipes shall be fixed in holes, starting the injection from the bottom through the metal pipes after installing an anti-return valve, and the injection shall be made using low-viscosity epoxy materials, and the injection will continue until the injection material comes out of the upper pipe that follows the point through which the injection is made immediately after the completion of the injection from all points that are Injections from the other side in case of cracks in the window.
  4. Restoration of widening cracks in case of widening cracks, and the window is treated as follows
    Lightening cracks in the form of a letter and the dimensions of the holes depend on the depth and breadth of the crack.
  5. The crack is filled with the use of the following materials – polymeric cement mortar – polymeric cement mortar armed with epoxy mortar in the case of cement and polymeric concrete reinforced with fibers The crack is moistened and then the surfaces are stained with a layer of bonding material before filling the crack directly in the case of turrets and balconies inclination.

ترميم الفلل والقصور - Restoration of villas and palaces

In this case, the balconies can be supported from the bottom by means of iron cables, provided that they are installed as follows, which are fixed to the walls. Iron strip by steel nails. This part is longer than the width of the balcony or tower, then the iron cantilever is welded in the same sector with the iron fixed to the wall or welded together and then fixed. For the two parts together, the cantilever is pressed under the balcony that has a slant directly and is fixed as previously. It is desirable to add what is known as a wedge of iron piece placed next to the cantilever.

It is noted that the cantilever width is the width of the balcony, of course, and this work is done every 2 meters.

The engineering office that has taken upon itself to restore the villas and palaces is required to use the latest methods, techniques and materials used in the restoration and provides creative ideas and solutions that meet the wishes and aspirations of the customer in the form of his new villas.

It is also necessary to provide a team of consultants, architects and civilians who carry out the full planning and drawing process and provide a feasibility study for the process as a whole.

The strength of the engineering office is to prepare annual contracts for villa restoration projects and palaces, prepare contracts through an engineering arbitration board provided by the office to avoid problems that may occur during or at the end of the work, the office’s primary concern is usually to provide outstanding service to its customers and customer satisfaction is its goal

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Some of the finishing works needed in restoring villas and palaces:

  • Restoration of bathrooms and kitchens, and maintenance of adequate plumbing and electricity.
  • Rehabilitation of ceilings and walls, treatment of cracks, treatment and repair of suspended ceilings.
  • Bright restoration, tank cleaning and fracture treatment.
  • Ceramic restoration and maintenance, re-installation and addition of new ceramics.
  • Maintenance of air conditioners, fans and electricity for the entire villa.
  • Restoration of the villa decor from outside and stairs.
  • Wooden furniture and doors restoration and maintenance.
  • Adding wonderful paints, colors, new villa design, prominent decor, and carving patterns in the walls
  • Add columns in the villa, whether limestone, glass or ceramics, and change suspended ceilings.

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