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Types of tiles used in building construction and their applications

Types of tiles used in building construction and their applications

Tiles in building construction are thin panels or elements used to cover surfaces such as roofs, floors, and walls. In the current scenario, tiles are an essential component in achieving interior construction as well as exterior finishing and beauty. It mainly consists of clay or any form of inorganic raw materials. What are the types of tiles used in buildings and what is the difference between them?

Tiles are now also made from recycled materials, making the element environmentally friendly. The shape of the tiles is obtained through various processes such as extrusion, pressure at room temperature or any other means.

After forming, they are allowed to dry. These dried items are under fire. This stage of the shooting is to ensure that they obtain the required solids, and are intended to obtain them while they are on the market and in the application of the building.

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Types of tiles based on the application

There is a different type of tile used in building construction that is unique to the location of the roof on which it should be used. Below are the types of tiles based on the application surface:

  1. Brick
  2. Floor tiles
  3. Wall tiles
  4. Partition tiles.
  5. Roofing tiles are ceramic products that are made. Its making is like a brick.

Wall tiles and floor tiles are used in the interior as well as outside the building. This is mainly used depending on the requirements of the decoration or aesthetics. These belong to the class of ceramics.

Tiles used on the walls and floors are available in glass and unglazed shapes. Wall tiles are often glazed with a thin layer of glass when they are available on the market.

Various types of tiles used in building construction are available in glazed or unglazed form. It is not combustible in nature. Tiles are not affected under light.

Floor tiles are also designed to bring the beauty of floors and movement. But it is exposed to high load, pressure and other unwanted physical actions.

Floor tiles along with the mentioned properties should also provide good aesthetics. The degree of combustion is the mark that distinguishes the wall and floor tiles.

When compared to floor tiles, wall tiles are burned at low temperature. After that, it is glazed and relaunched at a low temperature.

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Tile type based on materials and workmanship

Below are the types of tiles used in building construction:

  1. Ceramic tiles or non-ceramic tiles
  2. Porcelain tiles.
  3. Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are used for interior floors, swimming pools, exterior floors, walls and special installations in interior and exterior cabinets.

Most types of tiles fall under the category of ceramic tiles. It is made from a mixture of clay and other materials. Below are the different types of unglazed and glazed shapes of ceramic tiles:

  1. Ceramic tiles
  2. Clay and pottery
  3. Fully glazed tiles
  4. Glazed tiles
  5. Ceramic tiles

The ceramic tiles are made of clay while stone slabs contain a large amount of silica in the form of sand, broken stone vessels, etc. Silica is added to the stone slabs to prevent shrinkage when performing the fastening process.

Clay tiles are made using high quality coated clay. When firing twice unlike the condition of clay tiles, we obtain faience. In the beginning, it is exposed to fire, and this is initially the mud. After clay tile is vitrified, it is fired again.

Glazed Ceramic Tile: Glazed and Glazed Ceramic Tiles are currently being developed. Glazed tiles were used only for walls, in the initial stages. Glazed ceramic tiles are mainly manufactured through two processes:

Step 1: With the help of special white clay that is released at a temperature of 1200 ° C, the tile body is made. These final ingredients are called biscuits.

Step 2: The biscuit is attached to the glass and decorations, if any, and fired in the oven.

Glass in ceramic tiles can be of two types: vitrified clay and colored enamel. And colored enamel is also of different types which are

Bright or glossy surface – eggshell – finish paper

Glazed ceramic tile is a tile made of clay materials in addition to other soft ground materials. These are subject to a higher temperature release. Glazed ceramic tiles have a high resistance to corrosion and can be used in high traffic areas. It is said that these tiles are hard as granite. These are polished with the help of carbide or diamond abrasive tools.

Compared with glazed tiles, glazed tiles do not last long.

Types of tiles

Porcelain Tile: The manufacture, absorption capacity, and breaking strength of porcelain tiles differ from ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are also made of clay. But compared to ceramic tiles, they use heavy or denser clay.

Porcelain tiles during manufacture are exposed to high temperature for a longer period. This baking is done until all the water in the element has been vaporized. This unique method of manufacture makes these tiles more difficult and dense compared to ceramic tiles.

This is the reason why porcelain tiles are a premium product when considering durability, design, color and value factors.

Porcelain tiles are extremely impervious to water. It has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%.

The cost of porcelain tiles is higher compared to ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are gaining more applications in the high traffic areas. These tiles are a kind of glazed tile. It is sometimes referred to as a ceramic glazed tile.

Tiles and ceramics require special cement to be installed. These tiles are harder and more dense compared to ceramic tiles. Therefore, when these tiles are used for wall surfaces, cement that has a high adhesive property is used.

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