Bedroom coloring ideas: what is the right color for your personality?

Bedroom coloring ideas: what is the right color for your personality?

Do you know how color can affect mood? And how it plays an important role in influencing the psyche? How about that when we talk about the most comfortable and stable hostel rooms? Bedroom .. When thinking about bedroom coloring ideas, choosing the right bedroom paint color will make a big difference in how you feel.

The famous pioneer of psychotherapy Karl Jung has emerged in the concept of color psychology. He was interested in the characteristics of colors and their meanings, and he believed that colorful art had the potential as a psychotherapy tool.

Although there are rules about the best colors for a bedroom, everyone has their own preferences and tastes. You may be attracted to an unexpected color that has the qualities you need most in your life. Forget the traditional rules. Choose a color you like and paint the bedroom walls, ceiling, ornament, furniture, or anything that makes you happy.

أفكار تلوين غرفة النوم - Bedroom coloring ideas

Bedroom painting ideas and different techniques:

Bedroom paint is an inexpensive way to customize your private bedroom style. And the paint is more than just walls. Any spot can be painted from the ceiling of the bedroom to the floor. Here are some decorating ideas that use paint to move the bedroom to a level that the owner needs and relaxes him:

Wall casting:

Wall casting adds a unique effect to the bedroom. It gives depth to the wall in rectangular or square shapes before painting

Stripes and patterns:

For an exciting effect, try painting a strip or several on your walls. Stripes do not always have to be uniform or vertical. The tape can be run horizontally or in a pattern.

Metal paint for walls:

If the bedroom is naturally dark, metallic paints add a warm sheen to the walls. They require many types of coatings to apply but deserve the final effect.

Ceiling coating

Special bedroom ceiling paint can create more visual interest. For a bold look, if you paint your bed headboard wall as a continuous line carrying up to the ceiling, creating a canopy effect, or add lines to the ceiling it gives a great mood and gives the room a unique elegance.

أفكار تلوين غرفة النوم - Bedroom coloring ideas

Lighting effect

Dimmers are inexpensive and help create the right lighting to improve the mood in the bedroom. It is especially useful to be able to lighten or extinguish a room on request if you draw the walls of your bedroom in a dark color.

So what are the colors of the appropriate bedroom, look at the colors below and choose the favorites that suit tastes and personalities, the designer must be aware of the effect of each color, and study the customer’s personality to help him choose the color of his personality that will be comfortable in his bedroom.

Bedroom coloring ideas

The colour grey

Choosing gray as the customer’s favorite, this means that he loves the simple design and the latest hi-tech gadgets. He works hard and needs a bedroom where you can recharge. Fortunately, gray is not only a contemporary color shade but is the highest demand for this paint color right now, and the gray walls are soothing and comfortable.

أفكار تلوين غرفة النوم - Bedroom coloring ideas


If the customer is attracted to the color yellow, it means that he is an expert in perfection and dream. Very thoughtful, has a great mind for abstract topics and works. It is very attractive and makes people feel comfortable in their workplace. So it’s suitable for work environments. Choosing yellow says that we need to give ourselves more time to relax, think and dream.

In the bedroom, there are a set of tips for using yellow paint:

– Only one yellow wall paint

Make the color tend to go to create a rich and attractive bedroom

– Use a yellowish accent color for bedding or accessories


Orange fans especially love the social life too. Love adventure, travel and meeting people. The walls of the orange bedroom are warm and exciting. It is one of the best colors in contemporary design. If you’re attracted to orange, it’s time to add some fun to your life (and bedroom walls).


Blue may come in a variety of colors, but most blue lovers have one thing in common: the need for peace and harmony. If you choose blue, you are loyal, have lifelong friends and a chore. Blue fans tend to prefer a clear, organized space, so be sure not only to paint your walls, but also add a little storage and organization to your bedroom. You will feel more at home while living in a quiet blue tidy bedroom.


Choosing mocha means that you are down to earth. Self-confident, people are drawn to your true self. You appreciate the luxury of a simple life and love decorating your home. Attention to the mocha color may tell you that you need to slow down and have more time in nature.


If black is the color you choose, then you are mysterious. Status and strength are important to you. You are strong, independent and under control. People who are attracted to the privacy of black-black love is the perfect color for a protected and cozy space in your bedroom. If you choose black, ask yourself if you need to set more boundaries in your personal and business relationships to feel balanced and in control.

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If green is the color you like, it is easy to live with patience and stay away from drama. Green is the most relaxing color. There are many shades of green available, which can create a stress-free environment, if you also want an environmentally friendly green room, choose interior paints that are free from VOCs and chemicals.

The use of color therapy in the bedroom is very important and as simple as painting the walls. If you think about dark colors and want to relax in things, start small. Paint a single wall, add lines or use the right color for your personality and relax on it in your own room.

These were the most important ideas for coloring the bedroom, share your thoughts with us in the comments, and do not forget to follow us on Twitter to stay updated on everything new

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