Things every interior designer should know

Things every interior designer should know

Do you have a fine taste for interior design? Do you like decorating rooms and arranging furniture? If you answered yes to these questions, then the future career in interior design may be for you. Here are a few things every interior designer should know, in order to get to know them

There are some things that you should know about the world of design. Interior Designers Face Challenges Everyday There are several things you need to know before you can become an interior designer.

Here are several things every interior designer should know

There is a difference between decorators and designers

What is the difference between interior decoration and interior designers? In one word: education.

Anyone can literally become an interior decorator. A person who loves to play with colors, fabrics and textiles can become designer simply by printing business cards and promoting themselves to customers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the educational background is also important.

On the other hand, the interior designer must obtain an accredited education; a colleague’s or Bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for work in the field of interior design. Do you want to pursue education, or jump straight to the world of decoration?

10 أشياء يجب أن يعرفها كل مصمم داخلي - 10 things every interior designer should know

Design talent required

It may seem obvious, but to become an interior designer you need to have an innate look to colors, spatial arrangements, architecture, and textiles. The first step to a successful career is to pursue your passion. After all, doing something you love will never feel working.

Interior design is not all work and fun

While fabrics, furniture, and color may play a big role in interior design, there are a lot of other tasks required by interior designers – many of which may seem less fun and more like work.

Interior designers need education in the history of design, structural integrity of buildings, building codes, work environment, spatial concepts, ethics, psychology, computer aided drawing, AutoCAD, and much more.

It may seem that interior designers are expected to be sockets (or gills) for all occupations, this wide range of skills is required because designers work not only with home owners, but also builders, architects, government agencies, and business owners. To become a successful interior designer, one must be educated and good.

10 أشياء يجب أن يعرفها كل مصمم داخلي - 10 things every interior designer should know

Salary is not as high as you think

Show me the money! After all, shouldn’t someone with such a wide education get a good wage? It depends. Statistics show that the average salary for a USA interior designer is $ 42,380 a year.

Of course, this depends on many factors, such as education, location, work experience, and company size. The interior designer in the furniture company is likely to be less than a designer working in a fine architecture firm.

Basically, you can determine your salary rate by earning as much practice and experience as possible. Someone with education in the fields of architecture, building codes and structural design is likely to become financially successful.

You need to be a client mind reader

Ask interior designers to share their experiences, and they will definitely link some horror stories to ex-clients. People are tough, especially when it comes to their homes. While some customers have clear goals in mind, others may think they know what they want just to discover that they hate the end product and are dissatisfied with your business.

A successful interior designer is satisfying and dilute people (and sometimes a mind reader) – someone who can guide customers toward a positive outcome while making them feel that they have complete control over the design options. Interior designers are constantly balancing their design decisions and customer desires.

You need to develop an inventory or archive of your business and designs

Unless you have a premium portfolio presenting your designs and projects, your successes will be few and far between. If you are just out of school and new to the job market, it may be necessary to provide your services for free or at a reduced price. This is probably the best way to start a warehouse. It is also a great way to get to know local merchants and suppliers, and develop a relationship for future projects.

Competition is fierce in interior design

Interior design is a competitive business. As mentioned above, a designer warehouse and archive will surely help you get jobs.

Another important factor is obtaining an intensive education. Consider looking to future trends such as population growth, design for the elderly, modern architecture and green design; education in these specific areas of design will give you the upper hand in the job market.

It’s also a good idea to keep up with design trends by reading design posts and websites like Freshome, connecting with fellow designers and following his mentor. When competition is high, you need to work hard to get a note and rise to the top.

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10 أشياء يجب أن يعرفها كل مصمم داخلي - 10 things every interior designer should know

Designers should know local laws and laws

This is where potential designers may choose to avoid education and become engineers, thus avoiding some stagnation in learning building codes and local laws. Some details may certainly be boring, but they are required to know interior designers. Learning the symbols of plumbing, electricity, and load-bearing walls are all required. Keeping up with these things gives interior designers an edge and marketability that designers don’t have.

It’s all up to the customers

While designers can offer their customers a wide range of design styles to choose from, it is important to remember that it is up to customers to choose the style that suits them.

Just because designers learn and taste good doesn’t make their choices outweigh their customers. The mission of the interior designer is to offer a variety of styles and to guide the customer towards choosing the right design while allowing the customer to feel responsible.

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