INJ Architects BAK2 (1)

Launch of the new INJ Architects Website

10 years after the previous site we decided to divorce our new architectural website, and put a plan to be more customer interaction and introduce our projects in a new way, architecture today has become dependent on the deployment within the Internet and we put this in mind, exposure to sites and networks of electronic search will make From the spread of the architectural philosophy of the studio is more international and since the design is a universal language and since we offer architecture in a different way that expresses the goals and perspectives of the place and time, our team seeks to cooperate with the modern means to make the ways to explain our modern architectural idea, Energies The new page and the young blood will be a page of news to display these products and the creativity of some architects, we did not want to talk about architectural criticism as a way to highlight architectural works or detract from the efforts of others, but seriously want to put forward the idea of ​​architectural criticism of some other global projects, We see that he was not lucky

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