• Ideas to improve storage space in the kitchen

The key in any space is organization and this is especially evident in the kitchen, and by organizing you can get the most out of the kitchen storage space.

Start throwing away your old things, and the storage space in the kitchen will definitely expand.


  • We’ll give you some tips to improve your kitchen’s storage space:

Ideas to improve storage space in the kitchen
Ideas to improve storage space in the kitchen


 1- Deep cleaning

Do you expect that if you search through the things that you have stored, you will find that at least half of them have expired?

So, it is time to clean and throw all expired goods into your pantry, and note that cleaning supplies may also get old, so check the area under the kitchen sink as well.


 2- Use trays

Of course you tried repeatedly to open your kitchen cabinets to find a spoon and fork but couldn’t, but you can avoid such a problem if you use trays to organize your kitchen utensils.

This way, you can easily assemble spoons, forks, whisks and other kitchen utensils separately, and you never have to search for drawers again.


Ideas to improve storage space in the kitchen
Ideas to improve storage space in the kitchen


 3- Install the hooks


You can install hooks to store cups, ladles, knives, or the like, to save more space. This will free up much-needed spaces on your work surface and also make use of the available vertical space.


You can put hooks in the doors under the sink for washing clothes, you can also hang hooks on the pantry door for a kitchen apron, and you can hang hooks over the kitchen sink for cups or even utensils.


 4- Glass jars

Use glass containers to store special goods rather than leaving them in their original packaging, this will help you get much more storage space for other things.

Using glass jars will enable you to place items on top of each other and use the vertical space of the cabinet, and you will have no problem finding things because the glass jars are transparent, and it will definitely give your kitchen cabinets a big makeover.


 5- Spacers

Dividers are similar to dividers used in the office to organize files, there is a metal divider specially designed to do this inside the kitchen, this divider can be used to easily arrange lids of pots, lids, pans and baking sheets.

This will save you a lot of trouble finding the right cover and avoid dropping lids or pans when opening the cabinet.


Ideas to improve storage space in the kitchen
Ideas to improve storage space in the kitchen


 6- Hanging dish rack

Every kitchen has a rack for dishes, which means there are valuable spaces that are not fully utilized.

In this case, installing the dish rack on the wall will save you much-needed space and allow you to do more in the kitchen.

Install the dish rack directly over the sink, for best results, this will allow you to dry your dishes directly at the top of the sink, and you do not need to constantly dry water droplets on the worktop.


 7- Magnetic shelf

If you install magnetic tape on the wall of your kitchen, this is a great idea for organizing your knives and other metal tools.

You will be sure that the knives are out of reach, and you will ensure that your knives stay dry and will not rust, as sometimes if your knives are kept in cabinets and are not dried properly, rust can damage them.