It was created by in-house designer Rüdiger Schaack: ‘With Indeed , we have managed to develop a chair that is aimed at the entry-level segment, but still features a great design throughout.’ Schaack paid particular attention to the details and created elegant solutions for even the less obvious elements, such as the backrest support. ‘Here there are clear edges that vanish in the surface, just like automotive design,’ he explains. ‘Or the smooth transition from the backrest support to the back, creating a coherent overall design concept. The lordosis pad is another feature that characterises the chair and outwardly conveys the lightness of the design: with this broken mesh structure that gets a little bit narrower towards the outside, just like with items of clothing or shoes.’ All the details come together to form a slender silhouette and ensure that the chair fits the given context without putting itself in the foreground. As summed up by Schaack, ‘We wanted to develop a chair whose design language is not too expressive.’

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