انماط المفروشات وطريقة الاستفادة من قطع المفروشات الفريدة - Upholstery patterns and how to take advantage of unique furniture pieces

Upholstery patterns and how to take advantage of unique furniture pieces

Upholstery patterns and how to take advantage of unique furniture pieces

If you think about the Upholstery patterns that you will acquire to decorate your new home, you will find that you will spend much more time with it than you spend with your friends and colleagues and there will be a relationship of visual familiarity that you are accustomed to as a result of your presence in your residence with these unique pieces of furnishings, which means the necessity of your good choice from them .

Upholstery patterns

The types of furnishings are multiple from one house without a home, because of the multiple tastes and opinions from one person to another and thus the colors and sizes of each branch of the furniture are similar and sometimes radically different and sometimes some other, and each house has a specific space that a person can not deviate from in choosing his furnishings; therefore it is necessary Anyone who prepares his new house or renovates his old house must take into account the dimensions of each piece and the color of the furnishings, and take into consideration its consistency with the exact area of ​​the space specified for it.

Some famous furnishing styles

بعض انماط المفروشات الشهيرة

A style of furniture can be chosen according to some multiple factors, the first of which is the personality of the one who possesses it, it may be a lover of luxury and a tendency to the old style and it may be from the characters who tend to simplicity and calmness or his personality tends to be bold and daring and each choice is based on his personal desire, The types of furnishings vary, including:

Classic style

It is one of the most famous types of furnishings, which is characterized by a return to ancient times, especially Roman and Greek times. It is distinguished by the built fireplace in the living room and the colors that tend to golden, dark brown or vegetal and the presence of floors of parquet wood taking into account the elegance, luxury and splendor that characterizes this style so hardly the individual opens His eyes until he sees that he has returned to the past in a stylish modern gown.

Modern style

This pattern comes among the patterns of furnishings, which is considered the second in the chronological order, which some may think is the contemporary style, but it differs from it, and comes in simple forms that tend to be simple and have little ornamentation and are considered ideal for small spaces.

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Contemporary style

The contemporary style comes with distinction in colors, it is the most daring in its colors, as it is characterized by high ceilings, furniture and fabrics made of cotton of different calm colors with the presence of elegant parquet floors indicating modernity and modernity.

Upholstery patterns: Traditional style

The traditional style is a mixture of simplicity and luxury at the same time, and it is a style of furnishings that some people love, and which depends on choosing furniture in it on types of dark wood, such as mahogany, which is characterized by brownish-red or red color, like cherry wood. The floors should be dark with clear and clear lighting.

New classic style

It is a mix between originality and contemporary, so it combines the old in its luxury and elegance with the modern in conjunction with the current time and its requirements, a style that has been added by decorators to develop the classic style in which simplicity and neutral colors attract attention and retain the golden colors present in the classic with light colors in the walls.

English style

This style draws its components from the bright and bright colors of nature, characterized by its simplicity and stunning spring touches, and may be ivory or white with some small pink furnishings and used as a room accessory with walls decorated in calm colors that express simple forms of flowers.

Country style

Décor experts were able to mix between the rustic originality and the modern home, adding furniture that blends with colors and rustic styles, with less furniture and a rustic look in a modern and different form.

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