أنواع سخانات المياه - Types of water heaters

Types of water heaters

Types of water heaters

The home appliances that are used to heat the water differ, and which people need in many uses of daily life. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and now with this article we can show you the types of water heaters.

Types of water heaters:

أنواع سخانات المياه - Types of water heaters

There are many types of electric heaters:

Solar heater.

– Instant heater: We will discuss the difference between an ordinary water heater, the difference and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What is the idea of making an instant heater?

  • Immediate heater: The idea of ​​making an instant heater depends on improving the flow of water inside household pipes, by opening a hot water tap or a hot water adapter in the house. The water in it is heated, delivered to a suitable temperature, or to the required temperature.
  • And it is possible to control the water temperature, by setting the temperature of the heater to the required temperature, and it continues to heat the water throughout the period of the water flow in the case of use.
  • Instant heaters work on domestic gas, either through natural gas, or through gas cylinders that can be purchased, in the case of using the heater that works by gas, the availability of the required gas is considered the most important part in its use as it depends entirely on the continuation of its work on Gas to heat water as it flows.
  • There are also many heaters that rely on electricity to heat water. These heaters depend on the presence of a unit of heater for the heater, which works at the speed of heating.

Types of instant heaters that are used:

أنواع السخانات الفورية التي يتم استخدامها

There are two main types of instant heaters, which are used:

  • There is an instant heater that works on a single system on electricity, and the heater is fed with water from a single tap.
  • And there is an instant heater that works on a multi-point system, and it is fed from more than one source, as this heater works on all faucets in the home, and this type of heater is considered an alternative to other traditional types of heaters, which were dependent on working on one system, where it was One line, or one place is fed like a kitchen tap, or a shower in the bathroom, and this system was used old and rarely used today.

The instant heater has many different advantages compared to the solar heater as well as the ordinary electric heater:

  • Hot water is obtained periodically, continuously, in large quantities, and unspecified, as the idea of ​​making an immediate heater depends on heating the water periodically, by the continuous flow of water in the pipes, and the heater does not stop working except in the event of a water failure, so the heater is considered The immediate, or idea of ​​its work is electricity-saving compared to the electric heater that continues to draw electricity to heat the water.
  • The method of heating water using the instant heater is a healthy and safe method, as it does not depend on heating the water, and storing it inside tanks until it is used, but the water is heated and used immediately.
  • One of the most important features of the instant heater is that the water is free of calcium carbonate, as well as rust, which can result from water storage and accumulation inside the storage tanks, in the event that the water produced by it is compared to the water produced by the electric heater.
  • It is safer for children due to the ability to control temperatures, as well as the standards of daily use.

Among the disadvantages of the instant heater:

  • This disadvantage is not considered by many people as significant harm, and it is the delay of hot water to reach the tap, or shower in the bathroom to consider it natural in the case of heating the water for a period of transit in the pipes.
  • The high price of instant heaters compared to the prices of other heaters, such as electric heaters.
  • The heater’s work stops, in the event that its energy sources, such as electricity or gas, are interrupted, compared to heaters that contain a tank, or heat the water, and store it in the pipes for a period of time, sometimes up to two days.

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