The use of the Rhineoa program - استخدام برنامج الراينوا في العمارة

The use of the Rhineoa program in architecture

The use of the Rhineoa program in architecture:

What is the use of the Rhineoa program in architecture?


برنامج الراينو1


The Rhineoa Program:

It is one of the programs used in the architectural design process, as it is one of the triple simulation programs, which is represented in the simulation of reality so that it creates the shapes matching the realistic fundamentals in terms of (height, width, and length), and the work of colors and materials in the same shapes that lead to the emergence of the simulation naturally. It is a light program that combines 2D and 3D drawings.


The Rhineoa Program begins its use and design on a two-dimensional or three-dimensional engineering sketch, as the Rhinewa program provides the tools needed for design, engineering, manufacturing, and analysis well.


Uses of the Rhinewa Program in Architecture and Architectural Design:

1- It helps to design the corresponding architectural design in terms of measurements “length, height or width”

2- It works on embodying colors with the same shapes and qualities that are in the design and proving them on the ground with the same quality and materials.

3- Provides the tools needed in architectural design in terms of colors and analyzes needed for manufacturing and all engineering tools.

4- The Rainbow program helps in creating and modifying architectural designs, analyzing them and converting them to what is required to be established, regardless of the degree of complexity.


Characteristics of the Rhineoa programs:

– Building the elements: Through the Reno program, designs are made in 3D.


– Network modification: As the Renault program permits modification, drawing, and conversion of lines to figures, which can be converted, increased, or moved, according to the architectural design to be obtained.


– Volumetric modification: As the Renault program allows modifications to the sizes and sizes of designs, the sizes can be reduced and enlarged in one, two or three projections.


– Show: The Reinowa program is limited in capacity in width, as the materials are limited and do not show the reflections and refractions in the design.


برنامج الراينو2


The features of the Renault program:

  • The Rhineoa program is characterized by many shortcuts.
  • It is characterized by ease and clarity in the way it works and its powerful tools.
  • It gives a lot of space for the user to control the program and amend the design.
  • It works to save designs in more than one format.


Record History:

A tool found in the program that works to shorten the distances, through which the lines, surfaces, and solid shapes are modified in a very fast and unfamiliar way in many programs, and this helps in linking multiple shapes with each other, through which the basic shape interacts with all shapes with the same modification and in different ways.


Architectural Designs:

It is a comprehensive term for the art of planning and building cities and establishments and describing any constructional designs. The architectural design is divided into two parts: one at the macro level and one at the micro-level.


Reasons for making architectural designs:

1- It helps in presenting modern designs and using forms from the surrounding environments.

2- It helps the designer in developing his style in terms of choosing colors, shapes, and lines.

3- Architectural designs help the designer to work accurately, to observe and complete the designs correctly and without errors.

4- Architectural designs help in caring for the cultural and social thought prevailing in societies; that is, the architectural design must resemble the nature of these ideas in order for the residents to accept them easily and pay attention to showing details of the architecture.


The stages through which the architectural design is carried out:

1- Collecting the special requirements the designer needs before starting the architectural design process.

2- Ensuring architectural design standards with the required engineering shape.

3- Making several different designs, after which comparisons are made between these designs and choosing the best among them.

4- Starting to implement the design that was finally chosen on the ground.


Elements that should be available in the architectural design:

1- Formation: It is considered the main element as it links the architectural designs and the surrounding cultures.

2- Expression: It is the element that reflects the nature of the structural work.

3- Balance: It is considered one of the most important elements as it is necessary to balance all colors and objects used in architectural design.

4- Character: It is the form that the architectural design acquires after completing it completely.


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