كاميرات المراقبة الصوت والصورة وكيفية تركيبها وتوزيعها - Surveillance cameras, audio and video, and how to install and distribute them

Surveillance cameras, audio and video, and how to install and distribute them

Surveillance cameras, audio and video, and how to install and distribute them in residential, commercial and public spaces

Surveillance cameras are considered one of the basic and necessary elements in society, which helps to protect the rights and property, whether apartments, real estate or other facilities, and through the development of these cameras, sabotage operations by criminals can be known and their forms and pursued by security men, this invention It has a large and influential role in society, since recently we find that surveillance cameras are spread everywhere, it records all events and displays them with sound and image. We will learn about video and audio surveillance cameras and how to install and distribute them in this article.

What is the function of surveillance cameras?

Surveillance cameras are a small or somewhat large structure according to its type, and it displays the events in a clear visual way and records these events in order to protect individuals and protect their properties and their internal and external facilities, so we find in our time all individuals use these surveillance cameras, whether in the streets or in the shops or Residential buildings due to their great importance in society and due to their effective role in monitoring the events that they capture, whether the distances are short or far, and their quality and efficiency vary according to their type.

How to install surveillance cameras

Determine camera height and shooting angle: choose the most appropriate angle that helps to monitor the place where both the wall and the surface of the room meet together, for this it is necessary to observe the guidance of the surveillance cameras correctly, so that the whole place becomes visible and exposed from all sides.

Wall mount camera: Cameras are installed and attached to the wall through the basic camera rules that are provided with the camera and that guarantees its owner the highest level of safety.

Connecting the camera to the power source: An adapter is provided with the surveillance cameras which is connected to one of the power sources and the second end of it is connected to the slot designated for it to meet and connect to the camera.

Installing the behavioral camera with the receiver: The monitoring tools can be connected by BNC cables, the ends of which have one shape and likeness of the ability to connect one of the ends with the output slot that is in the surveillance cameras and connect the second end with the input slot that is in the DVR, which is called the receiver .

Connecting wireless cameras to the computer: A CD-ROM is provided with the surveillance cameras that contains software that you must install on the computer for the images to appear.

Connecting the projector to the receiver: This is done by using BNC wires and it has another alternative that you can use as HDMI.

Check the connections are correct: After completing the installation process, it is necessary to ensure that the wires are well connected to the power supplies and to the devices and to ensure that the wires are placed in the correct locations.

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What are the types of surveillance cameras?

Dome cameras: One of the characteristics of this camera is that it has a structure that is different from the rest of the cameras, and it has the ability to hide significantly compared to other surveillance cameras.

Bullt Cameras: They are called by this name because they are very close to the shape of the bullet and this camera can be seen clearly by individuals and thieves, as it is characterized by a cylindrical longitudinal structure.

Ip cameras): It is a wireless surveillance cameras that can be installed without any hardship or fatigue, and these cameras do not use connection cables, it is one of its advantages that it can collect data and display it via a wireless network, which can also display its data via Wi_Fi, which It helps to see what was recorded inside these cameras by connecting them to smartphones or laptops.

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