Before becoming more settled, man was constantly on the move and this instinct, as it were, still remains with us. The rate at which people move house, or their willingness to move to a different city or even country for study, work or other reasons, for example, points to this innate restlessness within us. Pragmatism and the ability to improvise, are also things which come naturally, so, in this respect, we were perhaps already prepared for a time when we would have to switch between office and home office. Our habits don’t necessarily have to change, however, if we can find a working environment that fits smoothly into both scenarios.

Office furniture and room systems manufacturer König + Neurath develops products that can adapt to the numerous eventualities and requirements of today’s working world, where flexibility and dynamism are key demands. The highly versatile TALO.YOU desk system can be configured according to different user requirements, supporting the wide variety of tasks that fill a busy working day.

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