NEBR arquitetura completes social housing project in paudalho, brazil


paudalho popular houses


NEBR arquitetura prioritizes simplicity for this affordable housing project in paudalho, brazil. situated on the fringes of the urban context, the complex is comprised of four single-storey dwellings with clean, white geometries. 


each house has three bedrooms and a total usable area of 58.5 sqm. built on modest plots of 8×20 meters each by low-skilled local labor, the construction period took just 120 days to complete.

paudalho popular houses 3
images by manuel sá



simple and objective architecture by NEBR arquitetura


NEBR arquitetura’s approach to the project was informed by the quality of ‘suggestive’ housing developments in brazil. the architect says, ‘suggestive architectural proposals for affordable housing to the population, propose housing development units of questionable quality to solve the housing deficit in the country.’


rather than creating a splashy, eye-catching design, NEBR instead thought of the housing as an honest space for those who occupy it. the design concept surrounds the precise calligraphy of straight lines, and the rhythm that’s created when they’re put together.‘we propose trying to design an architecture with a simple and objective vocation regarding projects repressed to the impositions of the brazilian housing program,’ the architect continues.

paudalho popular houses 8
the houses are located in the city of paudalho



the final four houses are characterized by white blocks and one distinguishing color on each front façade. there’s a walled outdoor space at the street side and the interiors are bright and airy.


NEBR concludes, ‘the project re-questions hostile dimensions and energetic principles of spatial economy stigmatized to the popular house. in the enjoyment of the emptiness built from the height drawing, the sky becomes the horizon because there was little ground.’

paudalho popular houses 7
each dwelling has an outdoor space at the front

paudalho popular houses 4
clean lines characterize the architecture

paudalho popular houses 6
each house has a touch of color

paudalho popular houses 5
the interiors are bright and airy

paudalho popular houses 2
the residences at night



project info:


name: paudalho popular houses
location: paudalho, brazil

architecture: NEBR arquitetura

photography: manuel sá


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