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Method of installing artificial grass

Method of installing artificial grass:

What is the method of installing artificial grass?


Artificial turf:

A type of herb that resembles natural herbs, but it does not always need maintenance, and this is likely the reason for its widespread and use significantly, as this type of herb consists of synthetic fibers made of petroleum materials.


This kind of grass is used in soccer fields, as it reduces player injuries and facilitates the movement of the ball, and is also used in large commercial places as an aesthetic and attractive sight. But it needs to be changed and cleaned from time to time.


Artificial grass types:

There are many types of artificial grass, as they differ in density, size and length, and these types are:

1- Broad Artificial Grass:

This type is known as (Viper limited) and it is the most famous type of artificial herbal and used and used in football fields, where it is distinguished:


– With its high density and great thickness, hardness, high strength, and great shape.

This kind of herb is able to withstand heavy use.

This kind of herb reduces the risk of trauma and accidents.

2- Thin Artificial Grass:

This type is known as (mono vitality) and it is less widespread and famous than broad grass, and this type is used in public gardens, homes and parks where it gives an aesthetic view.


3- Artificial grass for decoration:

This type is known as (herb rug), it is used in home toilets but it is made of artificial fibers like other types.


4- Artificial grass for decoration:

It is placed at the entrances to buildings, villas, and palaces to give an attractive and elegant view of the place.

Artificial Grass Features:

1- It can be installed on any type of floor, whether sandy or dirt or tiles.

2- It is characterized by the fact that it does not need irrigation or care as much as natural grass.

3- It tolerates all weather conditions and is not affected by rain, dust, wind, or high temperatures.

4- Not suitable for the growth of insects or any kind of reptile.

5- It does not need to be cut and cleaned continuously from period to time like natural grass, so it becomes less expensive.


Tools needed for the installation of artificial turf:

Compression devise.

– leaf blower.

Artificial turf rolls to be formulated.

– Fixing screws and adhesives.

– Herb cutter, where cutting is done regularly and easily.


The steps to follow in the process of installing artificial turf are as follows:

1- Measuring the area where the grass is to be installed, so that the spaces are accurate and send them to a company, and request grass rolls that match the measurements.

2- Clean the area where the grass is to be installed from any natural weeds and insects, and compact the soil well until the air is cleared from it and it is a solid soil.

3- Spray chemicals in the place to prevent any natural weeds from germinating.

4- Make barriers on the area where the artificial grass is to be installed in order to protect it from any soil and the remains of trees to enter.

5- After these steps, a layer of black sand is laid and pressed well, to ensure the soil hardness.

6- Cut the artificial grass rolls into equal parts and put them in one direction.

7- After the rolling process of the grass rolls in the same direction, the specialists stick the rolls together with adhesives related to this process.

8- Fixing the rolls with screws on the ends, and the length of the screw ranges from (4-6) inches.

9- After the correct installation process, a layer of silica sand, or what is known as the rubber granule, is placed and distributed by individual machines.

10- In the last step, the tree bellows are used to remove the debris from the debris and the materials used in the installation. They are then cleaned from time to time with soap and water to remove any kind of dust and stains.


Steps to be observed if artificial turf is used:

1- Choosing the right type of lawn for the place to be installed, as the lawn used in public parks is not used in home gardens other than in soccer fields.

2- When installing the grass, it must be one-way in order for it to appear as natural grass.

3- Comb the artificial turf from time to time until it is cleaned.


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