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Building information modeling

Building information modeling with the help of the algorithm

Building information modeling with the help of the algorithm: The use of a computer in the design process is subject to the level of software development to assist in the performance of activities in the design process, which has opened the way for the emergence of a new style of auxiliary applications in the drawing process which is building information modeling (internationally known as BIM), which has been transformed globally The process of drawing from mere deaf lines does not contain any information except plastic engineering information, such as line length, color, and thickness, to a group of smart elements, meaning that the drawing elements used in BIM applications are architectural elements that contain both Of the database, all the information about the item, such as raw material and architectural finishing, thermal and acoustic resistance and others, where they are building a virtual model of the entire design, contains all of the architectural elements and structural and mechanical systems in the building.


The productive dimension of the design process: –

1- Initial design: It is the set of proposed solutions to solve the design problem.
2- Initial design: It is the development of the proposed solution from the set of alternatives proposed previously.
3- Detailed Design: It is the set of drawings through which execution is carried out.

Since the computer appearance, adopted drawing generally on a set of applications that are used to represent shapes in binary or three-dimensional image, which is based on the representation of the shapes in the form of a large group of adjacent dots software, each point of them and take one color, then a new quality emerged from Applications are more flexible and easy to represent shapes, and are called object-oriented programs. Sometimes they are called Vector Graphics, and they depend on the representation of shapes with Use formulas, Mathematical Formulas sports allows these applications to represent geometric shapes more easily and freedom, even, it can be controlled in each form individually even if overlapped shapes engineered with each other because each form carries the base (Database) One Data Properties contains all the information Its own.

The term information modeling is defined as (the process of generating and organizing the components of a building during its life cycle during the design process), and this is done through the simulation process, so that a three-dimensional visual model is built that fully simulates all conditions and factors affecting it, with the aim of increasing productivity and efficiency in the conduct of the design process.

The possibilities do not stop BIM in the process design when selecting and setting the key components in the building, such as finishes ores and tiles, whether concrete or metal walls, as well as the development of mechanical systems and electrical in the building, such as central air conditioning system, nutrition and sanitation, but beyond the possibilities of BIM this limit to a test for all These components (Clash Detection), are operated and operated side by side, to ensure that there is no conflict or interference. Among them and resolve any, the problem may result from these systems and raw materials before the start of implementation, rather than having to re-implement some work at the site if it detects an error.

It can also BIM use of the imaginary model triangular building dimensions using the analysis of the efficiency of the building energy consumption, through testing a range of scenarios to influence the building external different influences, to determine the best solutions, and the more detail increased in the three-dimensional model, increased with the accuracy of the proposed solution.


Our architectural office (Ibrahim Jawharji Architects), is one of the architectural offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that works on the application of building information modeling with the help of the algorithm (computer), where we work to apply this in our engineering programs and our work in construction and building with various projects carried out by our architectural office is an approach followed Our office.

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