Architectural Designer (AECOM)

Architectural Designer (AECOM)

WHAT YOU DO: An architect designs structures (buildings, offices, public spaces etc) to be as inexpensive, safe, useful, and interesting as possible, while keeping in mind the area’s building codes and regulations.

EDUCATION: Architects require a bachelor’s degree from a college accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board, an apprenticeship at an architecture firm, and a passing score on the architectural licensing exam. This is to make sure you know enough about design, construction, engineering, administration, math, and building codes and regulations.

USEFUL SKILLS: Artistic ability, computer skills, attention to detail.

HOW TO GET IN: It’s a good idea to try out a summer internship while you’re still in high school to see if it’s really something you really want like to pursue. After college, architects have to complete a three-year apprenticeship at an architecture firm; because this is such a widespread requirement, almost all of them have some sort of program.

CAREER PATH: After finishing an apprenticeship and passing the architectural licensing exam, the next step is to find a job at a firm. Recently licensed architects usually deal with small projects and gain more responsibility as they become more experienced. After around ten years of experience, architects can become project managers, who supervise the design of entire structures, then department heads, who keep designers and managers on schedule and within budget. Corporate architecture firms tend to mostly work with commercial and public sector clients; smaller companies often focus on residential buildings and interiors.

PAYBACK: Median annual salary: $73,340.

DOWNSIDES: Lots of education and licensing requirements, little vacation time, high unemployment rates.

FUTURE OF JOB: The number of jobs is expected to grow 20-28% in the 2013-23 decade, which is faster than average.

NETWORKING: The American Institute of Architecture has information about education and careers for students and licensed architects:

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