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The use of carpets as one of the home decor items

Using rugs as one of the home decor items

The rug gives the room a warm feel.

It is one of the most inexpensive items you will have in your home,

so it is imperative that you choose the perfect item for your needs.

In addition to getting the rug of your dreams,

you also need to know how to properly place the rug in your home.

A rug is just as important as any piece of art, sofa, or chair, and carpets, furniture,

and artwork should function as a cohesive unit and be able to harmonize aesthetics, color, and texture.


The use of carpets as one of the home decor items
The use of carpets as one of the home decor items


What are the first things to consider?


Carpets can be used to separate the living area from the dining room in an open interior.

Due to its amazing range, it can be used for visual distinction between different areas, especially on open plans.

Before you consider getting a rug for this purpose, you should consider several factors:


The size

Simplicity in design should not exceed this point,

which is not to be more than one foot from the edge of the room,

and make sure that the size of the carpet matches the furniture that you intend to place it on.


The shape

Rectangular rugs are perhaps one of the most popular forms to use,

but they are not the only shapes available.

Think what works best for the geometry of the space,

and it is possible to combine a square rug with a rectangular rug instead of two.


The colour

One of the easiest ways to create harmony in open plan rooms is using carpets of the same color.

Rug in similar colors and different materials ensures harmony.


The use of carpets as one of the home decor items
The use of carpets as one of the home decor items


Creative ways to use rugs in your home


The use of carpet in the kitchen

Two equally suitable small rugs can be used as kitchen floor coverings,

and wicker rugs are perfectly preferred due to their comfortable style and delicate texture.

This helps add warmth to the space and is also easily washable,

so you won’t have to worry about accidental kitchen spills.


Use the carpet over the bed

You can try a flat woven rug fringed to complement the bedding décor in your minimalist bedroom.

The rug will give the bed an attractive and sophisticated look, and when you enter the bed,

simply fold the rug down so that it rests under the feet of the bed.

This option is ideal for the winter months, as it eliminates the need for heavy duvets.


Use the carpet on the wall

Antique rugs are distinguished by their vibrant colors and intricate hand-woven designs,

so why not consider displaying them on the walls of your home?

Rugs with defined borders work well as a work of art with character,

but similar patterns that feature repeating their design pattern (like stripes or chevrons) can also be beautiful.


The use of carpets as one of the home decor items
The use of carpets as one of the home decor items


The use of carpets on the seats

You probably want to update the seats in your home, but you don’t have time to buy covers or upholstery,

in which case a flat rug can give your chair or sofa a whole new look.

You can place the rug under the seat and back, then place it into the seam.



Leave at least an inch (2.5 cm) between the rug and the floor as this space will help you hold the rug in place.

Carpets can be a neglected component of home decor,

and the first place most people think of when they imagine carpet is under the sofa.

But by looking at the above, we made sure that the rug is really perfect for many different places in the home.

You can take a look at the options listed above and then transform your home to look fresh and colorful.


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