• Sustainable solutions in home decor trends

Although it may seem counterintuitive, owning a modern, stylish and timeless home is still possible.

Not many creative homeowners will contemplate the idea of ​​combining long-term solutions with home décor trends,

but the two can be combined together to create something beautiful.

Décor trends can blend seamlessly with your timeless antiques,

and you can end up with a one-of-a-kind home that will catch your eye, both now and in the years to come.


Sustainable solutions in home decor trends
Sustainable solutions in home decor trends


How can you do that?

Invest in pieces that can last

Don’t be stingy when choosing furniture, if you want your home to stand the test of time,

choose valuable pieces that won’t require remodeling anytime soon, or even ones that you think will be of higher value when resold.

Antique furniture is a great choice, because it’s been on the market for centuries,

and it won’t become antique when you decide to sell it.

The same applies to themed furniture sets and oriental rugs.


Sustainable solutions in home decor trends
Sustainable solutions in home decor trends


Get what you want

Trends are unpredictable, and it can’t be known if today’s robust design ideas will remain or be forgotten after a couple of months.

The guiding criteria in the design should be your own taste, and by all means you should get what you want.

Same thing with colors: You don’t have to settle for a color that doesn’t match your interiors.

Lots of people tend to follow trends and pick modern colors that they don’t like, and they end up not having a place for them in the house

A piece of furniture that you did not like at first sight will not love it in the future, just go home,

and take a day or two to think about it: If it is still on your mind, come back and take it.


Choose a timeless choice for static items and a modern choice for accessories

The curvy shape has been around for centuries and is still trendy so if you’re a fan of the idea,

you’d think about it even if you know it’s on its way to completion.

However, is covering your kitchen backsplash with ‘the moment’ tiles always the wisest decision you can make?

Unless you’re 100% convinced of it, place chevrons on smaller details, like vases and mugs.

Generally strong design shapes should be left outside of large surfaces, but if you really like them keep them simple.


Sustainable solutions in home decor trends
Sustainable solutions in home decor trends


Timeless accessories

After a year or two, the trendy pieces will start to look awkwardly,

and chances are high that you won’t be able to use your dinnerware set after a year or two.

This is where timeless accessories come in handy: they don’t have to be useless pieces of art to bring out when an important guest comes for tea,

but rather random combos that you’ll present at informal family dinners or even formal holiday parties.

She will always look smart, especially if she has sentimental value for the family.

Clean lines never go out of style

It is true that everything fades with time, but excessive and intricate ornaments are the first to do so.

So instead of spreading ornate designs and inlays everywhere start spreading clean lines and simpler designs.

Remember that regular surfaces can be easily refinished, but surfaces that are too simple will have no way back.

The interior design is all about instincts that show trends and go, but that doesn’t change the fact that you love your furniture.

Immortality is a feeling, and your chosen elements will be immortal for as long as you like them.

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