تكييف الباكج وشيلر متى نستخدم هذا المنتج في المشاريع السكنية؟ - Package and Schiller conditioning When will we use this product for residential projects?

Package and Shealer conditioning

Package and Shealer conditioning When will we use this product for residential projects? What is the size of the project that uses Buckage Yunt and Schillers?

One of the most common central adaptations is the Package and Shealer conditioning. Central air conditioners are usually available with a cooling capacity of 25 tons, up to several thousand tons.

Central adaptations generally consist of some key elements which are water iced, kettle, air handling units and cooling towers.

Three types of central air conditioners

  • Schiller, it works with cool water
  • Pakage
  • Central split

We will now compare the package and the air conditioner and split air conditioner

Shealer conditioning

It cools the water in its coolers, then uses it after it is cooled by fans that pass air on the already cooled water, then it cools the air and then the fans distribute cold air in the air, and the resulting air is always fresh and fresh, as it pulls the unclean air out and diffuses Fresh air around, is considered the best central adaptation in terms of its features, but it is very expensive to install and maintain.

Air conditioning package

تكييف الباكج وشيلر متى نستخدم هذا المنتج في المشاريع السكنية؟ - Package and Schiller conditioning When will we use this product for residential projects?

It draws the air inside and cools it, mixes it with a percentage of the fresh air outside and puts it back in again, and the installation costs and maintenance are medium price.

Central split conditioning

Air does not regenerate its costs low compared to conditioning the package and shillers.

When do we use the package and shelter conditioning in residential projects?

One of the most important steps that must be taken before determining the type of air conditioning that we will use in construction is determining the cooling capacity that you will need.
The required cooling capacity is calculated in this way:

  • Determine the area of ​​the floor in the building in square meters and the height of the building.
  • Consumption projects for the place are taken into consideration, since if we place the place in a clothing store, it differs from it if we set up a restaurant and coffee. In the restaurant and coffee, the temperature is higher, and therefore we will need a higher cooling capacity.
  • Paying attention to the climate in the area in which the building will take place, which is also an important step in determining the type of air conditioner, and it may not be the most important steps, but it is also important in hot regions, air conditioners differ from cold areas.
  • We also total the total number of windows and doors in the building.
  • Another important step that may be absent from some people’s minds is determining the type of insulation on the walls.

All of this is because we will face a lot of difficulties, if we cannot determine the appropriate type of air conditioning, choosing an inappropriate capacity for the building may lead to the consumption of large amounts of electricity

What are the advantages of using the package and sheal conditioning?

  • It cools wider areas than ordinary split air conditioners, and saves electricity if used in the right place.
  • It is easy to maintain as the central unit is far from the place where it is installed.
  • Does not make noise as opposed to normal air conditioners.

However, it also has drawbacks

  • If the central unit malfunctions, the system cools the system completely. This is in contrast to the split conditioning, each place has its own unit.
  • The costs of installing and maintaining the package and shiller conditioning are high compared to the regular conditioners.
  • For installation, the building’s roof must be high to use the suspended ceiling of the pipes.

What is the size of the project that uses the Package and Schiller conditioning?

The conditioning of Pakage and Shillers, which provides them with advantages that make them the focus of attention of the owners of companies and large offices, as their goals aim to provide a suitable temperature in large areas.
As it must be more than the area of the place more than 800 meters, and if it is less than this area, it is advised to use the split air conditioning.

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