Hajj and Architecture 2019 -1440 :

Hajj and Architecture 2019 -1440 A few days away from the completion of the pilgrimage this year and will witness 11-8 standing Muslims at the level of Arafa, many Muslims waiting for this distinctive moment, which shows the highest state of religious form of the Muslim and flourishing movement and the preparation of housing in the city of Mecca and its facilities and the increase in the rate of waste and pressure on infrastructure, the area is covered within the coverage of the double population allocated and the density of the population as the number of pilgrims is doubled, but according to studies and planning for the service of these pilgrims Things go on Um, and now what is our site from this article will talk about architecture and sustainability in Hajj.

We will divide our theme into the following points:

  • Architecture in Hajj.
  • Sustainability in Hajj.

First, the architecture of Hajj:

The steps of housing pilgrims in many stages and points. These points will affect the establishment of Hajj in the positive form in Makkah. Emphasis is placed on the safety aspect within strict standards. An ad hoc committee for housing pilgrims determines all the necessary regulations for housing. In Mecca, we stand on the land of architecture, the land where the foundation stone was erected. The Kaaba was built seven thousand years ago. It is the oldest building and has the largest tent city in the world. Also talking about a The largest building of the Jamarat, and the projects of the development of the Grand Mosque and many service projects, but to talk about the service side used by the pilgrim, we did not find studies or numbers we can rely on it, we deduce it estimated, Haj stays in Mecca average 12 days to live in a hotel And then he goes to the city and his country, where he will spend most of his time. Luckily, he stays in a hotel in Mecca and this hotel is classified according to the ability of the pilgrim and what he can pay. In view of the maintenance of Hajj there is a saying Hajj is equivalent to 70,000 good deeds). The good Hajj is to invest in an argument in Mecca and there is an argument (Hajj Pilgrimage is better than pilgrimage). This means that if you spend Hajj, you invest in something good. If we ask ourselves what is the effect of architecture on the pilgrim, we see that the influence of architecture on Haj is very large and dominates the table. Hajj As we mentioned earlier that the impact is from the house and even the Haram and even the city of tents, will coexist with all these pilgrim spaces in the Hajj and the impression of the city is a kind of tourism Aldina, which denounced some call it also tourism is not in religion, but We came to the root of it, it is tourism during the performance of religion and there is nothing that will hurt or increase it, and to be the most important part of our subject is to see the pilgrim’s route, well the hotel, for each hotel, policy and housing system, the other is committed to providing services according to the rules of the system and the strictness of the completion of these systems. Then, what distinguishes between the hotels, A hotel in Mecca and the city is a different owner and an operator and therefore we want to get a different design mechanism. The different designs of each hotel indicate that the accommodation in Hotel A is different from the accommodation in Hotel B, why because the orientation, design and size Windows and the study of air conditioning and ventilation and natural lighting and industrial lighting are essential elements and make the design We do not call here to unify the architectural pattern as the Austrian government has done after it has united the constellations in the capital of Vienna. In this way, the buildings will be identical, but why there is no code dedicated to specific segments. For housing, housing needs to parish and the responsibility and diversity is important for what does not affect the economic situation of the owner or hotel operator or hotel investor looks at the pilgrimage to be a season and this is the essence of the matter is already the pilgrimage season and many countries around the world deal with the seasons on Like Orlando or Paris or even Ibiza, Valaht Mam Hajj and architectural facilities and operation of housing is a priority of the Government of Saudi Arabia.


II. Sustainability in Hajj:

One of the most pressing problems facing the infrastructure, services, and determinants set by the Kingdom is promotion and sustainability, to say that the aspect of sustainability is lacking and should be within the plan and vision of the Kingdom in 2030, but fortunately, it did not come late Because the plan to receive 15 million pilgrims a year will not succeed without sustainability or it will succeed, but with loss of resources due to waste, the existence of a code of sustainability will be important to the actual architectural part, we see many rooms of pilgrims do not have power closure systems during their absence to perform Prayers or tawaaf, as we see many of our facilities Watercourses do not contain water saving supplies. Therefore, water consumption or water wasting is considered to be strong and higher than usual. If we look at the backgrounds of the pilgrims and their cultures, we often come from countries and villages that do not use what is available in Hajj homes, Sustainability needs to be developed.


What have we done in this regard? We have proposed the Nisky Project as a promising and sustainable project that starts from the subject of improving the image and positive situation of the elements in Saudi Arabia and the holy sites. The program classifies the units and sets up important work lists and lists that contribute to the development of sustainability and starts from the price-fixing step It also sets the parameters for the application method, and also sets the policy and mechanism for the implementation of digital units and makes the digital service situation more sophisticated.


What made this idea happen? It is due to the US code of construction code energy code, in 1969 almost King Faisal oil to America and did The US government has set limits on the use of energy and infrastructure and thus made energy use very careful, highlighting the emergence of the US energy code.


Now is the time to create the energy code of Hajj.


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