INJ Architects participating in the MISK - أي أن جي شاركت في مسابقة معهد مسك للفنون

INJ Architects participating in the MISK Pavilion Design Competition

INJ Architects participating in the MISK :

INJ Architects participating in the MISK Pavilion Design Competition.

INJ Architects participating in the MISK

Our team participated in the competition of Musk Institute for the Arts, entitled “Architectural Design Competition” in Pavilion Musk Institute of Arts. The design contains a number of vital and interactive points in addition to the fact that it is variable in form and direction.


Architecture is an integral part of the arts, culture and human civilization. Many architects go to the job and abolish the form, which may show a practical building but not a beautiful one. What is the benefit of the building? It is not nice to say that it will stand for a minimum of 70 years. Why do we make the ugly building live for 70 years?


We were in a meeting prior to the editing of this article. The architect Ibrahim Johari said that he did not mind mentioning the names of the architecture within the content of the site and architecture. It was a pride to follow one of them Frank Gerry or to be the same as Zaha Hadid.


We have asked ourselves what we put in the market, Ibrahim Joharji Architects simply follow the scope of the design and scope of implementation, already in execution, you will find realism and we will follow the buildings, architecture and construction codes and sustainability requirements, In the design arena we want to make something different We will wear the hat of organic architecture and we will talk passionately and differently because the different architectural building will make the achievement constant, the normal design will make buildings like each other.


Back to the subject of Pavilion, Musk Institute of Arts is a pioneer on the artistic renaissance in Saudi Arabia, years of lack of interest in art and neglect of art in the Kingdom and the voices of artists sing alone outside the squadron until the new leadership came young and promising Prince Mohammed bin Salman made the Saudi technical dependents The countries that have been on the land of civilizations for more than 7,000 years now regain their position in art.


Our team was attracted to the contest “Although I heard that the information is very little provided” but the team had a desire to change the Riyadh skyline, we have to make something different and new, already designed by the pylon and will be revealed through our website in early August.

We wish everyone luck.

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