Construction and glass - الزجاج المستخدم في البناء

Construction and glass

Construction and glass :

Construction and glass: Glass is used in several areas and one of these areas is its use in buildings, and it is known that glass is a solid material consisting of inorganic materials and there are several types of it where it is made of sand, so it is formed according to the temperature of manufacture and the reaction that is made when it is made, so it is made of it Clear or semi-transparent glass, against breakage (solid), from it is easy to break and the strength and type of glass is determined by the physical materials and the factors used.

Glass is considered to be of great importance in all areas of life and has greater credit in building and installations directions, as it is used in destinations and in the manufacture of windows, doors and aspects of decoration, and sometimes even reaches the work of the entire house in glass.


Types of glass used in construction and installations:

1-ordinary glass

The glass that is used in things that are not subjected to shocks and used small as the glass that is placed on the table.

which is not added or modified to any of the things, and it is made by inserting sand and lime at a certain temperature and then Makes and becomes this normal glass.


2-thermally reinforced glass:

There is a type of glass that results from processing ordinary glass twice, which is more strong and resistant.

The heat-strengthened glass is produced by heating at a high temperature, then cooled until it becomes more strong and safe.

3- Insulating glass:

is a glass that consists of multiple layers and glass panels with a closed cavity in the middle of which helps in the insulation process. This type of glass is heat insulated and reduces the coldness of the air outside.


4- For reflective glass:

ordinary glass covered with a thin layer of minerals to reduce the impact of the sun, the use of minerals gives the glass its lack of transparency in terms of the layer where a person cannot see through the glass.


 5- (Sand sprinkled glass):

A glass made by spraying sand with high speed on the glass. As this process limits the transparency of the glass. The parts that are intended to remain transparent are covered and the sand is sprayed on other parts that he wants to be invisible. The transparency of the glass is affected by the spraying power and the type of sand used. This type is used in making doors such as bathroom doors And spacers and inner glass.


6-(stained glass):

The glass used in the decoration.

which is a glass that is made with an oxide that gives color, and it is a glass of vision from all directions, and it is characterized by reducing the effects of sunlight and one of the disadvantages of this type is that It does not have many colors and its colors are limited.


7- (Tempered glass):

This type of glass is more powerful than any kind of ordinary glass, as it is heated at a high temperature and sudden cooling occurs, this type is considered the best choice in the work of decorations as it is resistant to breakage.


8-skilled glass:

There is a type of glass used in places that are exposed to fire, such as commercial places and schools.


9- Stained glass

is a decorative type that is used in making the most important decorations of artistic value and high importance and is a small circular cut.

10 -smart glass:

There is a glass that consists of layers of crystal and it is considered a rich innovation, as it is easy to light and turn off by pressing a button using electricity.


Finally … We must admit that the possibility to create buildings of glass was and is still one of the most elegant and beautiful decorations and the innovations are still continuing and it is clear that they will employ them in more and more things.

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