The modular HUB system from Interstuhl facilitates the design of New Work environments. Completely individual and always different – because the compatible elements of HUB adapt to the relevant needs. A HUB3 pod with a sofa serves as a retreat, without a pod and with two more sofas, it becomes an open space, while a HUB board screen provides structure and can also be used as a flipchart. Rearranging and rethinking remain an option at all times.

HUB designer Volker Eysing wanted to create a modern sofa and a cleverly conceived wall system that can be used both in combination and as individual autonomous elements. This approach has resulted in pods of various heights and widths, mobile and stationary partitions with media connections and mounts for whiteboard, armchairs and sofas in different versions, benches and side tables – even a swing.

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