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Types of garage doors

Types of garage doors and their installation methods:

What are the types of garage doors and how to install them?

Garages: It has become an essential place in most places, such as homes, companies and commercial places, as its use is not limited to booking cars in a safer place. But it became used for many purposes, such as keeping household tools or general maintenance tools for any facility, so garages became a place of great importance.

Types of garage doors:

Garage doors have many types, designs, and sizes according to the materials used in their manufacture, but they can be divided in general into two main types according to the different sizes and the way they work:

1- Single garage door:

It is a door used for small garages with a very simple design consisting of one side.

2- Double garage door:

It is a door used for large garages, and its design is more complicated than the first type, and it consists of two seals.

Materials from which garage doors are made:

There are many types of materials from which garage doors are made, and the material varies according to the place in which it is used, and the cost and shape required, as there are several types of them:

Metal garage doors:

These types of doors are used more in open places, such as the vital installations that exist in the streets, where they work to protect places from theft so that it becomes safer. These doors shall be made of iron or aluminum coated with anti-rust material in order to protect the doors from corrosion under any weather conditions and high humidity.

Plastic garage doors:

These types of doors are used in homes, where they work to give them a more aesthetic view of the garage, especially because it is inside the house. These doors are made of transparent hardened plastic.

Wooden garage doors:

These types of doors are used in most private places, such as garages that are located inside homes. These doors are made from the type of wood required by the customer.

Steps to install garage doors:

1- The customer must measure the area of ​​the door he wants to install to measure very accurately in terms of knowing the height, width, and length.

2- Determine the sizes and material that the customer wants and send all the details to the manufacturing company.

3- After the manufacturing process, the door is fixed with screws and its parts are fully attached, so that it is well fixed.

4- If the door type is automatic or electrical, the cables are well connected.

5- After making all the installations accurately, the testing process will be done and ensure that they are correct so that the work becomes safer.

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Examples of types of garages:
1- Automatic garage doors:

These doors are used in places that need more safety, and these doors are designed according to the request and the required form of the customer and the place where it is used.

These doors are made of iron strips, characterized by strength, rigidity, flexibility, ease of installation and operation, and are available in different colors and sizes ranging from 9 meters to the height and 9 meters to the width.

Motor motors used in automatic garage doors:

Garage lift motors: It is made up of hidden central motors, placed in the center of a pipe and used in commercial doors.

– Electronic gates for garages: It is composed of a visible side motor and it is placed in the door roll and used in industrial doors.

2- Doors of Australian Roll Garage:

Australian Roll doors are used in villa garages or supermarkets, as they are characterized by their aesthetic appearance.


These doors feature:

It is suitable for weather conditions, high humidity, and other environmental factors.

Australian roller garage doors do not require maintenance frequently.

Easy to install, high quality and affordable to all customers.


3- Electric mesh garage doors:

This type of door is used in group garages for cars, commercial places, and malls, as it is characterized by durability, strength, and stiffness without preventing light and ventilation and allows people to see what is inside the garages.


These doors feature:

Available in sizes ranging from 8 meters wide and 8 meters high.

Available in all colors, as desired by the customer.

It is characterized by aesthetics and high quality.


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  1. It’s great to know that metal garage doors are used more in open places since they offer more security from robbers. Since my husband and I are having a house constructed in the 10-acre countryside lot we built, perhaps it would be wiser to have a metal garage door installed for security purposes. I’ll share this idea with my husband later when he comes home. Thanks!

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