الأدوات التي يحتاجها الطالب في العمارة

Tools that a student needs in architecture

  • Tools that a student needs in architecture

As a designer, you should assemble a toolbox containing all the tools you need to get your work done.

For example, a carpenter has a basic set of tools, but is always looking for better or more specialized tools to help him.


Tools that a student needs in architecture
Tools that a student needs in architecture


  • What do you need for an architecture school today?  How much have these things changed?

There is a list of tools every architecture student needs, and should have when entering architecture school.

  • Architectural drawing notebooks
  • Sketchbook

The Moleskine Cahier paper-based matrix mesh is a premium choice and is inexpensive and of good quality.

They open easily which is an added benefit when drawing, and is useful for writing text as well,

such as taking notes or jotting down ideas, and it comes in multiple sizes to suit your preferences.

  • Architectural drawing pen sets

  • A set of drawing pens

that can do some light artwork if needed but gives you options for line weight when you are drawing.

There are several good combinations to choose from;  Staedtler, Artline, and Sakura, to name a few.

  • Architectural color marker combinations

  • The basic color set for alcohol ink markers (artist pens)

is only used to add pops of color to the sketch.  As you practice, learn and hone your drawing skills,

this is a valuable addition to help you emphasize parts of your drawings or give them some dazzle.

Tools that a student needs in architecture
Tools that a student needs in architecture


  • Watercolor colored pencils sets

  • Colored Pencils Set – Watercolor or Prisma Pencil

Colored pencils can be used with ink or with pencil drawings.

You can use them to bring your graphics to life, and this also has to do with the style you feel comfortable with and want to give to your work.

Most watercolor pencils can serve as regular colored pencils and can also be used dry if you prefer not to get your drawings wet.

There are several options for pencils such as Prisma color.

And several options for watercolor pencils such as Castle, Faber-Castell, Derwent, and others.

  • Triangle Drawings Collections

(Triangle) A small group, very useful for drawing and it may take some practice to incorporate it into your drawing workflow,

and once you do this the group becomes an easy-to-use tool.

Schools usually require a large set of triangles.   

  • Large chopping mat

The cutting mat should be large and good to last throughout your education.

There are a few brands, but Alvin is usually the mainstay.


Tools that a student needs in architecture
Tools that a student needs in architecture


  • X-Acto knife sets

A special set contains a larger piece to hold and is better for large gloves.

You can also buy a set that contains several X-Acto tools, this is a good option and you will use them all while you are at school.

  • 36-Inch ruler with cork support

It is a large metal ruler with a straight edge, that goes well with your cutting mat and X-Actos.

The Base of the 36 can handle all of them,

but you’d be sure to get one with a cork support as this prevents it from slipping on you when using it as an avant-garde model.

  • Architectural Student Scales

  • Architectural scale

It will help you in a number of ways when you start working in your studio and there are multiple versions of scale types.

Plastic is inexpensive but sometimes after overuse, colors and marks can fade.

It is lightweight and easy to use, and can be carried easily.

Aluminum or metal scales are more durable, and are usually very heavy weight and therefore not portable.

This does not mean that it is a big problem, and it is more expensive than plastic, but each type serves its intended purpose.

Again no matter what you buy, take some time to study this thing and try to discover it as quickly as you can.


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