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One of the best ways to put in marble

The best way to install marble :

What is the best way to install marble? Marble is one of the most popular and pioneering options since ancient times. Used to build homes, offices, museums, malls, and more. Nothing can beat a marble.
Marble is distinguished by its distinctive appearance and adds to the room a charming touch. The only factor to pay attention to is the method of installing marble.
It is undeniable that the installation of natural marble is a sufficient challenge. One has to have the right tools and to follow the process carefully.


A very important step is leveling the floor:

1. Find and fill defects and gaps using a flat ground compound.
2. Determine the center point of the room with the help of a tape measure and chalk.
3. Run a test run and place the marble tiles on the floor starting at the midpoint and then sideways.
4. This process will help you identify the sections that need marble fixing and allow you to verify the final form.




With a few simple considerations, it can fall into unexpected and unacceptable marble installations when choosing certain types of marble with poor quality.

There are instructions to help you get rid of installation problems and costly errors, which we explain to you below:


  • Prepare a good surface before installation.
  •  Never put a large marble tile on one side of the table top and once smaller on the other side because this does not look balanced.
  • Be careful while cutting marble as most of the breakage occurs during this. Marble is a very expensive stone.
  • Take the appropriate size before cutting until purchase.
  • Leave the gypsum intact for at least one day after fixation to the force.
  •  Buy thick marble tiles or slabs as there are fewer opportunities to break them during transportation and installation.
  • Usually, it’s a third to a quarter-inch thick, but you can always go thicker to get better results.
  •  Before installing, remove all existing tiles and fixtures.
  • Check whether the wiring and plumbing in your kitchen are done correctly.
  • The sewage system must be installed properly to avoid any problem that may arise during the installation of the marble.


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