Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project, a global Saudi tourism project with the slogan “open hearts, open doors”

Someone said: “The logo has been well chosen, because you can feel it where it’s relatively easy to open doors; you just have to decide. But to open hearts, it’s different.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia replaces dreamers with a pioneering, inspiring life with various huge projects such as the Red Sea project, it is an attractive project for foreign investors, especially since the leadership supports all aspects of tourism, why not, and the Saudi market and the entity responsible for tourism development already enjoys high capabilities and ambitions that alone are sky-bound.

Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer of the Red Sea project, has announced its approval of the master plan for the project, which was designed by WATG in the United States, and Boro Happold of the United Kingdom.

According to its website, the TRSDC Board of Directors is chaired by His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, First Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Public Investment Fund. The company is a wholly owned entity of PIF, which oversees the development of the multi-stage Red Sea project.

Red Sea Project

The first phase of the plan is scheduled to be completed in 2022 and includes 14 very luxurious and luxurious hotels with 3,000 rooms, across the five islands and two indoor resorts.

To define the urban style and construction planning for the Red Sea project more, it will be established on one of the most beautiful and diverse natural sites in the world, cooperation is taking place with the most important and largest international companies in the hospitality and hotel sector to implement the project and will include tourist resorts on more than 50 natural islands between the cities of Umluj and Al Wajh and The project is a leading coastal destination on a number of virgin islands in the Red Sea, the project includes a natural reserve to explore the diversity of plant and animal life in the region. The most important of all will be the development of laws and mechanisms related to environmental sustainability, where the work will focus on preserving natural resources, and it is worth mentioning that most of the world’s nationalities will be allowed to enter without visas.

Within the framework of the preliminary preparations for the project, the Red Sea Development Company was keen to follow the maximum accuracy to measure the project’s impact on the environment, and it used a marine survey method in this field, through a computer simulation to measure the impact of the project with the utmost accuracy on the environment.

The site will rely on a smart system to manage and monitor the environmental impact of ongoing developments, in addition to managing visitor traffic to protect the destination from “excessive tourism”, and to ensure an easy and comfortable experience throughout their stay in the destination.

The general plan of the Red Sea project includes innovative designs worked on by a group that is considered one of the most prominent engineering consulting offices in the world. In addition, the project will be managed according to smart technologies, such as virtual reality technologies, augmented reality, and traffic management algorithms that will allow visitors to enjoy a unique experience In an unforgettable destination.

And because the Red Sea project is more interested in the environment, it will closely monitor the ecosystem by installing smart devices to track carbon impacts, and a network of sensors to monitor environmental indicators throughout the destination.

مشروع البحر الأحمر

Technologies such as:

  • Biometrics,
  • And virtual customer assistance services,
  • The central planning of trips, ensuring an easy and comfortable trip for visitors.

The maritime surveying process carried out by the Red Sea Development Company in cooperation with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, played an important role in accomplishing the initial visualization of the general plan of the project where it is expected to achieve a benefit rate in preserving the environment in excess of 30% of the current values. Environmental sensors placed in the destination will monitor and monitor the environmental impact, and work to provide water feedback.

As a project, a business entity, it is expected to provide 35,000 jobs directly upon its completion in 2030, and will support an equivalent number of jobs in society by generating investment opportunities for local companies, entrepreneurs, and other supportive industries, bringing the total to about 70,000 jobs. .

Reliance on renewable energy

The Red Sea Development Company seeks in addition to its constant quest for environmental protection, and therefore it sought to adopt a policy of 100% total reliance on renewable energy in the destination, and not to link it to the electricity grid.

In addition, the company will generate and store all the energy it needs using only renewable resources. The company is working to develop a set of environmental regulations represented by the commitment to implement the policies of banning the use of non-recyclable plastic materials, banning the reclamation of waste on site, non-discharge into sea water, and the pursuit of new technologies that help achieve these goals.

The company will use a smart management system to manage tourist resorts at the destination, which supports a wide range of products and services designed to attract tourists in the luxury tourism sector, and this system will help in managing visitor numbers to ensure they enjoy a crowded-free experience during their visit to the destination

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