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Plastic damages on the desert environment

Plastic damages on the desert environment:

Plastic damages on the desert environment in the kingdom while camping.

Plastic is considered one of the most harmful wastes to the environment, as it needs about 100 years to decompose with other elements of the environment, so it is considered a bad waste, as plastic is one of the most things that are bought from people in the world in the form of plastic cans and bags made of plastic and other harmful materials The environment, which causes a great danger to humans.

What is plastic made of and what are its harmful substances:
1- Diphenol:

This substance is considered an essential element in the work of plastics, which is considered one of the causes of human heart disease and diabetes.

2- Oil:

Oil is involved in the plastics industry with a very large percentage of its production.

3- Plastic debris:

It is a residue of plastic waste that animals can swallow and lead to their death.

4- Chemicals that are found in plastics:

that the human being absorbs them, and these substances can lead to a lot of damage to humans.

5- It is used in the manufacture of plastics, gasoline, dioxins and some persistent organic pollutants.

Deserts of the Kingdom and disposal of waste in it:
He found in the deserts of the Kingdom plastic bags and waste in large areas in areas far from the population, because of the refugees to the deserts from his trip to make camps in it, and he destroys them through the plastic waste that they throw in the blank and vast areas.

The plastic that is thrown into the deserts does not degrade quickly and needs a great deal of time, so it is considered one of the harmful materials threatening animals that live in these desert areas such as “camels”, as they feed on plants in the desert and have plastic bags made of nylon on them because of their presence in large quantities The animal considers it part of the environment and devours it in its food.

Reasons for the many plastic wastes:
After doing a lot of research to find the cause of plastic waste in abundance inside the Kingdom’s deserts, it was found that it was due to:– That the shops or any shopping center in the Kingdom gives bags for free when buying any of the things even if they are small, so the fate of the plastic bags is going to the desert.

Some of the solutions that officials put in place to protect the Kingdom’s deserts from plastic waste:
1- All factories producing plastic bags in the Kingdom have stopped.
2- Preventing the presence of plastic bags in shops and markets.
3- Attention not to leave waste after wild excursions in people.
4- Appointing people in desert places where there are no cleaners, so that they can clean up the remnants of wild travelers, especially in seasons where this type of trips abound.

Plastic damage to the desert environment:
– Plastic is one of the raw materials that is difficult to dissolve and this leads to the accumulation of waste in the desert environment, and because it contains polluted chemicals, so the soil becomes more polluted, which leads to the death of animals, and the burial of plastic waste reduces soil fertility and thus leads to damage to desert plants that feed Upon them by wild animals.

– Plastic waste is a great scourge in the Kingdom’s deserts because it is easy to move from one place to another and is easy to reach animals. Plastic waste may cause the vision of many animals to be blocked, which may cause their death.


Indirect plastic waste damage:
Chemicals that are found in plastics when they become waste and are fed by marine or desert organisms and birds lead to damage to the digestive system of animals, causing them to die or reduce their natural growth, and this affects the human being as he is considered the consumer of these organisms.

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