How do I design a villa - كيف أصمم فيلا للاستخدام الشخصي

How do I design a villa

How do I design a villa for personal use?

How do I design a villa for personal use and what are the initial steps for designing a villa?

Primitive steps to design a villa:

Let’s get acquainted with the preliminary steps of designing a villa:

First: Find the right place you want to live in:

And then choose the appropriate space and location for the villa design that you want, and this step is considered one of the most important steps to take.


The plot of land is chosen on several foundations, as follows:

– When choosing a land, it must be chosen according to your own budget.

– Determine the most vibrant and active areas and get away from the old and isolated places from the world.

– When choosing a plot of land, it is preferred for you as the owner of the villa after that the location of the land is on the main street and the width of the street is at least 16 meters.

Keep away from lands that are on slopes or that contain groundwater.


– Choose a location near public services such as mosques, hospitals, and schools.

– Consult a site expert when choosing a plot of land, and the plot should be in the form of a level such as a quarter or a rectangle.

– After completing the selection process, it is possible to consult real estate offices on what has been chosen.

Second: After the purchase, the owner must verify the borders, the streets, his spaces, and all that is specific to the plot of land and building permits.

Third: Going to an office of real estate engineering offices:

In order to carry out the design process and engineering plans and determine all that relates to the construction of technical specifications, and determine the steps that must be followed, according to the approved specifications.


The role of the planning engineer begins with the plot planning process, as he does the following:

Dividing the plot of land into external and internal sectors, and these sectors are determined according to the project needs required by the engineer.


– The outside sector of the villa: The engineer divides by giving a corner to the villa’s swimming pool, taking into account that there is a space for everything necessary for the pool from a room to exchange clothes and a small toilet, defining a space for children and their well-being, taking into account the surrounding of the external sector with green spaces that give an aesthetic view of the villa Your own, and must make a car part.

– The interior section of the villa: the interior section must be taken care of starting from its facade, where it is determined with the wind directions, as well as defining the rooms of the villa from the inside and the kitchen with the direction of the wind.

When designing, the main villa building must be designed on the principle of analog design, where reliance is placed on a major axis that divides the villa into equal sections.

– The number of rooms in the villa and the floors on which they are located is determined by the type of person who owns the villa and the number of people living with them, where when determining the location of the rooms in the design, each individual and his needs must be taken into account in his own room, and the specific rooms for servants, if any, and the suite for guests are preferred and preferred. It is located in a separate section of the villa to give greater privacy.

It is better when designing your villa to think about the future in terms of designing places for children’s rooms later.

Fourth: After designing the villa on engineering executive drawings by engineering offices, the office will follow the special licenses:

Specific to construction and specifying the formal requirements for implementing a villa on the ground.


Fifth: Contracting with a contracting officer:

Where they implement the engineering designs that were planned on the ground, and it is better to submit the designs to more than one contracting company and choose the least and most appropriate in the price.


Sixth: The last step is the implementation process on the ground by the contractors.


Interior designs of the villa include several fixed things, namely:

1- The main bedroom:

It should be located on the top floor of the villa in order to be more private.

2- The guest bedroom:

It should be located on the lower floor of the villa and must be equipped with everything related to the guest and provide them with a bathroom in order to make the room more special.

3- Reception rooms:

It should have a simple design and have mirrors because it gives more space to the place, especially if the villa is small.

4- Dining rooms:

It is better if the dining room is next to the kitchen.

5- Villa bathrooms:

There are many designs that must be chosen best and most appropriate, depending on the area of ​​the villa.


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