The new System One is available in two versions:

– System One 70 mm
– System One 40 mm

System One 70 mm has a minimum pivot point of 70 mm from the side of the door to the middle placement. System One 40 mm can be combined with Top pivot 40 mm, and of course, has a fixed pivot point of 40 mm from the side of the door. The fixing brackets are the differences between the products. Internally, they are the same. The systems have an aluminium casing, just like System M and M+, creating a more uniform product line in terms of design.

Two cover plates are available for System One 40 mm, just like for System M and M+ 40 mm. These are available in the same colours as well: stainless steel and black. The new One has a height of 18 mm. Compared to the old System One, which was 38 mm high, this is quite a change. A new floor plate creates more uniformity with the System M range, fits better in the overall product design, and reduces the gap between the door and the floor plate. The old System One had a 13 millimetres gap under the door. With this new floor plate, this gap is reduced to 11 millimetres.

In short, the top features of this new product are as follows: 18 high. A uniform product design. A pivot point at both 40 and 70 mm. And, just as with the old System One, a load-bearing capacity of up to 500 kilograms.

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