مفصلات الأبواب والدواليب - Door and cabinet hinges

Door and cabinet hinges

Door and cabinet hinges

How do not occupy the topic of Door and cabinet hinges is of great importance to designers, and it is the most used item in the home or office or any place where doors are located, and daily it is opened and closed .. repeatedly per day .. whether to eat a simple purpose or prepare a large meal, for this was Designers are obliged to upgrade this tool to have the advantage of intense use with the longest life for long-term use, and there are multiple hinge materials for doors and cupboards to serve this purpose, which provides an aesthetic decoration, including what is very practical, and there are also multiple hinge patterns including decorative hinges and copper solid and a thousand Fled stainless steel including copper antique and antique nickel and brushed nickel and bronze mixed with oil, stainless steel and chrome all that would upgrade the appearance and functions of the doors and cupboards. The most important criteria for door hinges are the weight of the door, and the degree of corrosion-resistant outer hinge

What are the most common types of hinges?

Butt Hinges joint joint

A hinge consisting of two parts or, linked in the middle and used to assemble two “adjacent” objects, such as the door and frame where they are used most often. A wide variety of hinges are available in most hardware stores.

The type of hinge you buy depends on how you use it and what should be installed on it. For example, when choosing a hinge for a jewelry box, small brass hinges are more likely to be used instead of the hidden hinge.

Moreover, the copper hinges are more expensive than steel, and they give a high-quality look at the finished product.

مفصل الوصلة Butt Hinges

Rising Butt Hinge

Unlike a regular joint, the lever joint is two sheets of paper which are joined by moving one half to the other via a pin that is part of one of the halves, or the central section of the joint is tapered, so when the door opens, half of the joint is raised up on the tapered section of the half of the frame, which raises the door When you open it.

المفصل الرافعة - Rising Butt Hinge

Butterfly joint:

Butterfly hinges are pretty much “what is said on the tin”! They are designed to look like a butterfly, but more than that, they mainly work as lightweight decorative hinges. Just like butterflies.

Butterfly hinges, in their light shape, decorate jewelry boxes, display cabinets, cabinets and other decorative containers. However, it can be produced in a heavy duty format to show large castle and window doors.

Usually large butterfly hinges are not fully embellished like the smallest decorative item, to withstand the weight of heavy doors and windows that have to be cut from thicker metal sheets in order to adopt a kind of decorative design benefit.

Flush Hinge

This type of hinge does not require stopping. They are not sturdy but can be used for lightweight doors and small box construction. The main advantage of splash hinges is that they do not need to be drowned in the door frame.

Kitchen cabinet door hinges:

The hidden hinge is one that is completely hidden when the door or lid is closed. The most popular sizes are usually 26mm and 36mm, the hinge is adjustable once installed and designed with the MDF board in mind. Most used for kitchen wall units, cabinets, base units and various flat pack furniture.

Hidden hinges are placed in the cabinet using a special drill called a hinge bit. The center part, or pilot, of the drill bit is too short to ensure the hole is completely drilled in the right place, but it will not pass directly through the cabinet body.

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مفصلات الأبواب والدواليب - Door and cabinet hinges

Continuous hinge or piano:

It is also called because it is a type of continuous hinge that is used to secure the piano cover, and this is a hinge that comes in various lengths and can be bought in brass or steel. It is ideal for long hinges such as the desktop or cabinet door. Small anchor bolts are usually used to fix them in place.

Knuckle T

T hinges are used where fixing the surface, over a large area, is the easiest way to install the door or entrance. This type of hinge spreads the weight of the door over a larger area allowing more control and less “articulated diameter” due to the weight of the door.

To make the T-joint a little safer on a shed for example, instead of using screws through screw holes to hold the hinge, long screws can be used instead where the nut is fixed inside the building and the bolt head has a curved type of curve so that nothing can be placed on Head. T-hinges can be purchased in silver or black

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