النمذجة الرقمية في العمارة - Digital modeling in architecture

Digital modeling in architecture

Digital modeling in architecture

Have you ever asked yourself how your house will be ten years from now? Will artificial intelligence fully control us? Or will we be inspired by previous civilizations that were adept at architecture? So let us know about digital modeling in modern-day architecture, and can everyone use this modern technology?

النمذجة الرقمية في العمارة - Digital modeling in architecture

Ancient modeling in architecture

In the old days, when the employer wanted to see how the final appearance of his project would be, he would have made for him a pattern made of cardboard, identical to the original in every detail, and a three-dimensional model other than the one that was on the papers as a basic drawing.

The architeturie view

Almost a decade ago, some of the programs that the architects enriched on paper appeared, so Adobe has programmed architectural and graphics programs so that the engineer can draw a project without taking into account the presence of papers or pens of certain gradations, but starts with a project immediately and accomplishes it more quickly than drawing on paper Because the program is programmed with certain dimensions and many tools that help the designer in drawing and also help in presenting the project in an easy way in two-dimensional or three-dimensional to clarify the details of the customer who requests this project.

What is the best material modeling or digital modeling by software

Through the best customer for him is digital modeling due to the tangible material details it contains. The customer can comment on the forms required to amend them, it was earlier because people were not dependent on technology the total dependence required, but now the engineering offices depend mainly on these programs. Now a new technology has been introduced to them, which is the hologram.

What is a hologram?

ما هو الهولوجرام - What is a hologram?

It is a technique that the Japanese invented at the University of Tsukuba to synchronize the times, and it is a group of laser beams intertwined with each other, so they are fictional three-dimensional fictional images and a hologram toxicity due to the division of the foreign word whole, and it means complete. Clear by overlapping laser beams, after which the 3D project to be examined appears.

Does holograms help in architecture?

Certainly, the hologram helps in architecture due to the presence of the technology of engineering design programs. They were using the optical projector, despite the existence of many techniques in these programs, and they show the finest details of the buildings, but they cannot show it as the hologram does, by connecting the hologram to the computer, the device is recognized. On the designed drawing and it configures a group of nested laser beams inside it in order to be able to build the shape by default wherever he wants the display and it is possible to see this display by wearing a dedicated glasses for that and thus we can evaluate the building details accurately to Dell before work.

Places where the hologram is shown

The hologram can be displayed on the walls, ceilings, floors, and every place among these. The hologram is formed according to its properties, for example if it is displayed on a wooden table that takes the form of wood.

Hologram defects

There are some disadvantages in the hologram system that it is still limited due to recent invention and also because architectural or other designs have some complexity in terms of the limitations of this device. If more information is entered into its information system than programmed on it, it stops itself and this project cannot be formed with a hologram.

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