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Comfort and elegance wooden ceramic tiles

  • Comfort and elegance wooden ceramic tiles

Wooden Ceramic Tile, Comfort and elegance and the most suitable choice for homeowners who are looking for the best tile options for their floors and walls of their homes with the character,

elegance and natural charm of wood but without the difficulties of installation and maintenance.

Wood effect ceramic is the best choice for floors and walls, especially in kitchen and bathroom,

and it is available in many different beautiful colors and sizes with natural print look.

Wooden Ceramic Tile is the best choice to have a stylish look at home,

ceramic wood combines the advantage of ceramic tiles with the aesthetic and elegant appearance of wood.

It also comes in planks and is of natural wood but is actually tile, and due to advanced printing methods, it looks like natural wood.


Comfort and elegance wooden ceramic tiles
Comfort and elegance wooden ceramic tiles


  • Advantages of wooden ceramic tiles:

1. Spots holder:

Wooden ceramic tile is a stain holder, it has low porosity which is why it can withstand any attack from any chemicals,

in case any chemical falls on the tiles, it can be removed easily with hot water and wiping once it is completely dry.

Whether in the kitchen or behind the hob, the stain can be easily wiped clean with a damp sponge.

2. Waterproof:

Wooden ceramic tiles have a water absorption level close to zero,

this means that wooden ceramic tiles can be installed in places that have direct contact with water such as swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, and sometimes gardens,

even if the floors get wet by mistake, there should be no problem.

3. Scratch Resistant:

Natural wood is not resistant to scratches and it cannot bear heavy objects falling on it but wooden ceramic tiles have resistance to such things,

it is a wooden porcelain tile that has the characteristics of tiles with the natural look of wood, and for this reason, it can be installed in public places.

4. Heat resistant:

Wood is an insulating material so it is not a naturally heat-resistant material,

but wood ceramic tiles are heat and fire resistant, and are non-combustible.

Comfort and elegance wooden ceramic tiles
Comfort and elegance wooden ceramic tiles


5. Frost resistance:

Suitable for places where the weather is cold or snowy,

so choosing wooden ceramic tiles for homes warms the place in winter and makes a great effect on the walls of the house during the summer.

6. Durability:

Tiles often have a long life, and wooden ceramic tiles are durable and, if properly looked after, make them long lasting.

7. Elegance of appearance:

Wood gives an aesthetic appearance to the space, while wood ceramic tiles have the most beautiful look after installation in floors and walls.

8. Increase the value of the house:

People are always looking for looks and quality in everything, and wooden ceramic tiles increase the value of your home.

9. Easy maintenance:

Wooden Ceramic Tiles are easy to maintain, even low maintenance can extend their life.

Regular cleaning, vacuuming, wiping with detergents or chemicals,

and hot water sprays can make them clean and keep their new look.

10. Gives a rare wooden look:

It is one of the strengths of wood ceramics that can produce a very rare natural woody scent at present,

and only a few meters of wood panels are required to define the properties of the wood and transfer it onto the wooden porcelain tile.

Comfort and elegance wooden ceramic tiles

Comfort and elegance wooden ceramic tiles 

11. Low cost:

Wooden tiles are not very expensive; You can buy it according to your budget, as

Various recipes are available with a different set of prices.

12. It can be used in under floor heating system:

Wooden ceramic tile can be used in underfloor heating system due to its heat conductivity,

which is much better than other insulation materials.

13. Healthy article:

Wooden ceramic tile is also a hygienic material that does not allow microbes to grow inside or under it,

so it can be safe from harmful bacteria and viruses that spread diseases.

From the above it becomes clear to us that wooden ceramic tiles are the best choice for homeowners to make their homes valuable and elegant.

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