شراء منزل دون أن تعرف المعماري - Buy a house without knowing the architect

Buy a house without knowing the architect

Buy a house without knowing the architect

Buying a house without knowing the architect – the most important thing a person is looking for is a house that suits him, in terms of design, the external and internal appearance, the aesthetic appearance of it and the comfort that this human finds inside this house.

Architects design housing on the basis of what the general, private, material and moral needs of those who will inhabit these buildings require, although there is no direct contact between the architects and clients to explain their project ideas and plans, but all those ideas are communicated to the customer, when they live in those buildings, a house that crosses About the creativity of its designer.

Architectural creativity in building design

شراء منزل دون أن تعرف المعماري - Buy a house without knowing the architect

The process of architectural creativity lies in the transfer of hypothetical architecture, in terms of drawing and engineering formations into living artworks interacting with people, and affecting them, it lies in meeting human needs and psychological and social demands.

It is possible to measure creativity in architectural work on the comfort that a person receives, whether this comfort is material or moral, because the place, its shape and style affect the human psyche, so the choice of your home is a choice for your life.

And this is what the German family Ever experienced when they bought a house, as they believed that at first it was an ordinary one-storey house that needed to be renewed, as this family found that architectural masterpiece in one of the ads of a bank, until the architectural mediator did not know the history This wonderful house

Bauhaus’ latest masterpiece in Germany

شراء منزل دون أن تعرف المعماري - Buy a house without knowing the architect

This house, which was found by the German family of Ever, is the last house designed by the great architect Bauhaus, this house is considered a piece of architectural history, this genius architect did not put anything by chance, it is impressive that everything in this house you find calculated and accurately.

This is how the German family felt when they saw this house, as they found that they were in a privileged house, even though he was in a miserable state and a lot of chaos, and no one cared about for many years.

These days we find many good homes that provide the comfort elements that a person demands, but you find a house with these specifications at the time that was difficult to get there, but it was the genius of the architect Bauhaus that imposed itself, where we often find that architects and engineers take their directions from their clients But in the case of the German family of Ever, we find that the opposite happened.

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The impact of this house on the German family Eever

We find that the German family of Ever was affected a lot by their new home, as they followed the instructions of the architect Bauhaus in choosing the places for the rooms, and the shape of the garden that gives comfort and the corners of the windows and their directions, which help in entering the light in a specific way that is unique to the home.

It is interesting to note that the job rooms in this house are facing in the north, and the living rooms are facing in the south, so this house has a lot of positive energy felt by those who live in it.

Also in the twenties of the last century, Bauhaus tried to collect art in industry, and this is what we find in his design for furniture, especially garden furniture, which we find combining comfort, elegance and lightness, as it consists of light steel formed in the form of cylinders and also its white color that adds to it a sense of elegance and beauty.

Also, because the German family Eever was so affected by this house, the family went to Berlin to study Bauwas and the depth of its philosophy, due to their desire to understand his style and enjoy living in this unique home.

Architecture and engineering creativity are among the most important aspects of human development throughout history, as each engineering work is a product of elaborate and distinguished creativity, which reflects the genius of its owner and its effects on society through his creativity.

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