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The PPG 2024 Color of the Year Is Unveiled—Here’s How Designers Plan to Use It


The power of Limitless is its versatility of both application across contexts, as well as its comfort within a wide range of color palettes. To McCollum, this “modern honey beige” is capable of playing the starring role across all four walls and a ceiling, but is just as comfortable supporting more vivid tones without overwhelming them. One can showcase Limitless across home decor (from accent pillows to toasters, to name a few), commercial exteriors, wellness spaces, and much more without fear of it feeling overbearing or out of place.

In an effort to streamline the process of unleashing the creative potential of Limitless, PPG has placed it within three color stories (in addition to a separate collection of cooler, complimentary neutrals), each drawing out a particular mood or trend the color can tap into.

Volume I is about using Limitless to explore internal landscapes, making it an excellent fit for contexts where wellness and mindfulness are of particular importance. Soothing support colors within Volume I span from the relaxing pastel of Pristine Petal to the earthy yet invigorating Cajun Spice.

As a practitioner of Vastu, which she describes as “the ancient Vedic practice of clearing spaces and aligning them with nature,” Bengur is particularly drawn to this facet of Limitless’ personality. To her, the color is capable of manifesting abundance and self-love in a meditation space. Alternatively, it can play a healing, grounding role when applied properly to a home office, primary bedroom, or family room.

Wellness studios pose an ideal setting for the warm, energizing hue.

Illustration courtesy PPG

Volume II uses limitless as a vehicle to further commune with and connect to nature, placing it within a collection of greens that runs from soft, airy Summer Rain to the lush and enveloping Still Searching. Serving as the sunlight that nourishes the elements, Limitless is right at home in commercial spaces looking for elegant floral flourishes or a more fantastical, immersive aesthetic.



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