Share Your Work With the World | Upload Your Projects to Architizer

Share Your Work With the World | Upload Your Projects to Architizer


With more than 30,000 architecture firms and over 130,000 projects within its database, Architizer is proud to host the world’s largest online community of architects. Architects upload their work to Architizer for a variety of reasons: To showcase their projects to potential clients, share knowledge with peers, and create a shared portfolio that everyone in their team can access and share.

Many design professionals also use their profile as a foundation for industry award applications, proposals and broader marketing initiatives. Whatever the purpose, Architizer enables architecture firms to tell their story in a way that is visually powerful and insightful in equal measure.

The best part? Launching your own firm profile and uploading projects is completely free. You can get started by registering here:

Share My Work

Architizer is fueled by the creative energy of thousands of architects from around the world who upload their stunning work throughout the year. From conceptual designs to projects under construction to completed buildings, we are proud to serve as a platform for showcasing the talent and innovation of architectural designers, visualizers, engineers, manufacturers and photographers from across the globe. Click here to learn how to start uploading projects to Architizer.

Why upload your work to Architizer? There are many reasons, but here are three of the most compelling:

1. Get your work in front of Architizer’s global community

Architizer garners millions of page views every month from design savvy visitors from around the world. Projects are showcased year-round on our popular projects page. Architizer’s editorial team reviews every project that is uploaded, and selects high quality projects for feature. Featured projects are published on Architizer’s homepage and are shared across our social media platforms, home to more than 4.5M engaged followers.

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2. Build a stunning portfolio for your clients and colleagues

At its core, your Architizer Firm Profile is a beautiful, visual showcase of your work. Via a minimalist, ad-free interface, your profile places your work front and center, accompanied by useful information that allow potential clients to gain a deep understanding of your firm’s past, current and upcoming projects. From planned and completed projects to unrealized concepts and under-construction works, Architizer forms the definitive directory of world class architecture, worldwide.

➡️ Click here to see firm profile examples by our existing members

3. Get set for the Architizer A+Awards

Curating your projects on Architizer year-round means you have everything you need when the next edition of the A+Awards, the world’s largest awards program for architecture, interiors, landscapes and products, launches. Since 2011, the A+Awards has been held to honor exemplary, groundbreaking projects and the people that help bring them to life. Winners are published in print in “The World’s Best Architecture” compendium, as well as having their work celebrated online with a global audience of more than 400 million.

As a bonus: Projects that have been uploaded to Architizer can be expedited for entry with just a click!

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What makes a good project upload?

First and foremost, high quality architectural photographs are essential. Additionally, a stellar sketch, drawing, rendering or diagram, as well as a detailed project description, can make a project stand out.



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