A sagesaturated kitchen by Gordon Dunning Interior Design Studio.

Sage Green: 18 Ideas for Decorating With the Soothing Hue


It’s been compared to olives, avocados, and even the color of crisp dollar bills (see Money Moves from paint brand Clare). Sage green is both earthy and elevated, pairs well with warm and cool tones, and works in just about every space—from kitchens to closets to primary bedrooms. And in addition to being a chameleon color, it just might save you from killing yet another houseplant. “When done well, the right greens add freshness to interior spaces, and when applying green tones in interior furnishings, it reduces the need to add green plants indoors,” says designer Holly Hunt of the Chicago-based House of Hunt. So for anyone looking to liven up their home decor (and especially design enthusiasts with brown thumbs), we’ve rounded up 18 decorating ideas with sage green.

1. Create a cohesive living space.

A sage-saturated kitchen by Gordon Dunning Interior Design Studio.

Photo: Emily J Followill

“In this project, we sought to embrace the traditional architecture of the home as well as the family heirloom furniture pieces, and sage was the perfect complement,” explains Lathem Gordon and Cate Dunning of Gordon Dunning Interior Design Studio in Atlanta. Additionally, the color unifies the kitchen and breakfast nook through coordinating paint and wallpaper. “Instead of two white boxes, the spaces now feel connected and inviting,” says the design duo.



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