“Quiet Luxury”: 8 Spaces Evoking the Immaculate Aesthetic of HBO’s Succession

“Quiet Luxury”: 8 Spaces Evoking the Immaculate Aesthetic of HBO’s Succession


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Unless you’re one of the flip phone-donning “I don’t have social media or a television” people (I have it on good authority that they exist although are rarer than a first edition Chanel 2.55) you’ve probably come across the term Quiet Luxury over the last six months or so. Quiet Luxury isn’t a trend as such — it’s been the way of the super-rich for decades. However, as most of us are so far removed from those circles that we might as well be on another planet, it took the impeccably volatile and linguistically cutting Roy family — more specifically, the entitled man-child Kendal Roy — of this year’s must-watch TV series Succession, to enable us to properly define and demystify the practices that were once the exclusive domain of the ultra-wealthy.

Quiet Luxury is essentially exactly what it says it is: luxury done in a discreet, unshowy and timeless way. In fashion, that means no logos, badges or defining features. It is the polar opposite of the flashy GG embellished belts and loafers of Gucci or the ever-present LV Monogram Canvas of Louis Vuitton fame. Quiet Luxury brands have nothing to distinguish them visually from other high street brands, yet they bear the astronomical price tags of pieces from some of the biggest fashion houses in the world — why? That’s a question I can’t answer.

The thing is, Quiet Luxury isn’t necessarily about who made it. It isn’t supposed to be about brands gaining global notoriety (of course it is, but shhh — talking about capitalism isn’t classy). Quiet Luxury thrives on its exclusivity, rarity and mysticism. Meaning when you don’t have a brand name or credibility to do the heavy lifting, a reputation is built on quality. Silhouettes, materials and tones define the movement. Details at their most impeccable design standard are what come to separate the affluent aesthetic from its conspicuous counterparts. And, it just so happens that Quiet Luxury is no longer confined to the world of fashion. The precise, subtle and refined characteristics of Quiet Luxury have hit the interior design industry like a loose chandelier on a polished marble floor. These eight stunning projects prove that understated elegance is a classic look that will have impressed observers speculating for years to come.

Dwell in Poeticness

By MUKA Architects, Shanghai, China

MUKA Architects’ Dwell in Poeticness in Shanghai epitomizes the ‘Quiet Luxury’ ethos. A Beautiful space, resplendent with towering 13 foot (4 meter) ceilings and evocative arched windows, the home exemplifies understated elegance. Clad in rich teakwood and then contrasted with a textured grindstone, the space is worlds away from minimalism while refraining from over-embellishment. The bespoke craftsmanship of the feature core captures a perfect balance between art and domesticity that showcases a luxury style rich with subtlety achieved with a deft touch.

Little Venice Residence

By Originate Architects, London, United Kingdom

Photos by John Munro

In the heart of London, Little Venice Residence exhibits Quiet Luxury in perfect balance. Each of the spaces are composed with care and attention. Every room within the residence is deliberately designed to amplify the owner’s museum-quality art collection. While minimalism is often the go-to for galleries, the design strategy within the historic building accentuates the inherent vibrancy of each piece while retaining its unique character. The 19th-century spaces, now seamlessly merged, provide an expansive yet intimate showcase for the artwork. Far from barren walls or voids, it is an environment where art, in its whole grandeur, effortlessly thrives amidst thoughtful luxury, enhancing the residence’s narrative without overwhelming it.

Brownstone House

By Studio Arthur Casas, New York, NY, United States

Photos by Filippo Bamberghi

The Brownstone House by Studio Arthur Casas in the heart of New York is a testament to Quiet Luxury. Over six floors, the subtle color palettes inherent to this design philosophy establish that all-important sense of understated elegance and sophistication without consuming the senses. By marrying clean lines with architectural forms and powerful artwork, the residence blends neutral shades — imbued with a touch of Brazilian identity and Middle Eastern hues — to craft a sanctuary that pays homage to both history and contemporary comfort amid an urban metropolis without forgetting the need for a private basement pool.

Casa Fly

By Beef Architekti, Balearic Islands, IB, Spain

Photos by Tomeu Canyellas

Casa Fly in Ibiza encapsulates the essence of Quiet Luxury. By using high-quality, natural materials like locally sourced Mediterranean stone and wood. The 5,000 square foot (465 square meter) house nods to the island’s rich architectural heritage while ensuring the modern comfort demanded by the super-rich. The stone façade, a testament to traditional craftsmanship, not only pays homage to the locale but also serves a functional purpose, maintaining an ambient interior temperature. The architecture, paired with beautiful bespoke furnishings, from handcrafted ceramic lights to abstract bronze statues, gives the residence a harmonious feel, blending luxury, tradition and modernity.

Atelier 211

By Studio Zung, Amagansett, NY, United States

Photos by Adrian Gaut

Within the vast footprint of Atelier 211 by Studio Zung, lies a masterclass in ‘Quiet Luxury’ set against Amagansett’s sweeping ocean views. Here, the designers have used careful restraint to allow for bold material choices without over-embellishing the property. Each of the 4,150 square feet (385 square meters) is an exercise in measured opulence, eschewing the ostentatious yet avoiding the trap of sterile minimalism. The chef’s kitchen, rather than flaunting excess, epitomizes elegant functionality. Similarly, the wellness spa is not just about indulgence but centered on holistic well-being. Every element is a testament to the beauty of balance and restraint — luxury felt, not always seen.

Deer Park House

By Odami, Toronto, Canada

Photos by Doublespace Photography

Deer Park House masterfully and quietly showcases how meticulous architectural detailing can elevate a space beyond the everyday. The use of stone for architraves and the stunning fluted fireplace elsewhere might be seen as excessive; here, however, they are chic and elegant. Throughout, thoughtfully preserved elements — like the original decorative transom and a hardwired kitchen clock — serve as silent testaments to the home’s rich past, blending timelessness with modernity in a way that’s both understated and undeniably luxurious.


By The One (Hong Kong) Design, Guangzhou, China

Photos by 翱翔 Ao Xiang

In Around by The One Design Co., quiet luxury is manifested in the tangible atmosphere it crafts. Dark and ominous yet somehow inviting and warm. Through ‘flowing space’ and interconnected realms, it exudes an ambiance that feels both private and expansive. The captivating interior, interspersed with rich art and carefully designed and integrated light, brings harmony to the spaces and showcases how contemporary design can be both understated and profoundly impactful.

KKN House

By Alp’Architecture sàrl, Salvan, Switzerland

Photos by Christophe Voisin 

In the striking location of KKN House, nature becomes a central character in the design narrative. The plot, perfectly oriented towards the Rhone Valley, offers awe-inspiring vistas that grace every living space. While certainly not the largest of the examples, Quiet Luxury is just that, quiet and discreet. Here, the focus remains on capturing the exceptional surroundings. This mountain haven seamlessly integrates into its natural perch with a simple, elegant, functional interior, emphasizing how quiet luxury can be anchored in a remarkable location without embellishment or overworking a design.

The winners of this year’s A+Product Awards have been announced. Stay tuned for the year’s edition of the A+Product Awards ebook in the coming months.



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