The couples room features a custom chestnut bed another Hjorth chair a lamp by Garance Valle made with Lígia Guedes and...

Inside the Lisbon Home and Studio of French Design Duo Olivier Garcé and Clio Dimofski


The couple’s room features a custom chestnut bed, another Hjorth chair, a lamp by Garance Vallée made with Lígia Guedes, and Alexander Mignot paintings.

Photo: Marina Denisova. Art: Alexander Mignot.

Now in Lisbon and working fully for themselves, the couple use their new home as a laboratory for their bespoke furniture and interior design work—both of which, Dimofski explains, revolve around an ethos of site specificity. “We want to work with local craftsmen and local materials as much as possible, but make it look contemporary,” she explains. Current projects include a restaurant in Lisbon and residences in both the United States and Portugal.

The dining room’s Minjae Kim chairs and fiberglass pendant light act as contemporary foils to the vintage Axel Einar Hjorth table; artwork by Pedro Batista.

Photo: Marina Denisova. Art: Pedro Batista.

At home, contemporary art and stunning vintage works, many of them Axel Einar Hjorth originals, mingle with the couple’s own sculptural furniture designs, among which ceramics form a through line. The cairn-like bathroom sink, the legs of a bed frame, the chunky integrated table of the Helios sofa—all offer unexpected studies in clay. So, too, does the painterly tile that clads the kitchen and bath and that reappears as marbleized base-boards in the corridor. “I think the challenge with ceramic is to explore the boundaries, to not just do the usual thing,” says Garcé of these pieces, made in collaboration with Portuguese potter Lígia Guedes. They bring a similarly idiosyncratic approach to woodwork, using regional species to create playfully off-kilter seating and wall panels.


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