Amandas striped IKEA kitchen couch is the perfect place for friends to congregate while snacks or dinner are being made.

How 6 Plus-Size Creators Found the Perfect Sofa


The versatility is what has given this couch a reputation among her friends, who often fill her space for parties and impromptu hangouts. “Regardless of what size you are, this couch is beloved, and it’s the most comfortable thing I think I’ve ever sat on,” she says. “I literally will only go to movies with reclining seat theaters, because why would I leave my comfortable couch?” The couch also fulfills a bit of a life mantra for Alyse, who prioritizes making sure everyone in her space feels as comfortable as possible: “Furniture, especially couches, should encourage people to stay relaxed, be comfortable, and really enjoy their time,” she adds. “This is my heirloom—someone special in my life will get this couch.”

Amanda’s striped IKEA kitchen couch is the perfect place for friends to congregate while snacks or dinner are being made.

Amanda Richards, writer

Design personality in a few words: “Pleasant. I have such a hodgepodge of pieces and objects, and my approach to styling the apartment really varies with my mood. The one thing that it all has in common is that I find it all very pleasant to look at, and others seem to think so too!”

Are you a picky person? “Definitely! I can’t really explain why I choose the pieces I do, but when it’s a yes, it’s a 100% confident yes, and when it’s a no, it’s a hell no.”

The perfect couch: IKEA Klippan sofa with a slipcover

Klippan Loveseat, Vissle Gray

What is the most important element of a plus-size-friendly couch? “Depth, and just a general sense of sturdiness. You don’t want a couch to give you a distress signal every time you sit down. The worst design feature is hairpin legs. I get why people like the look, but the risk of a bend-and-snap is just too high.”

One of the greatest things about Instagram is spotting a piece of furniture that instantly chips a little heart-sized hole into whatever brain segment houses “home decor inspiration.” This is what happened when I saw Amanda Richards’s green-striped couch in a photo many years ago. The writer behind Fat Hell, a newsletter tackling everything from her own childhood memories to size exclusion in the news, had a vision. “I knew I wanted a Klippan—I once sublet with someone who had one and thought about how shockingly comfortable it was all the time,” she says. “Admittedly, though, the green striped slipcover is what made the decision for me. They don’t make it anymore, but I have a backup I found on eBay.”



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