And though they may come with challenges, there will always be people like the Dennises’ who see the fairytale where others only see a fight. “I sincerely believe there are fundamentally two different types of people,” Kristin says, “those who saw the impending disaster and the massive expense of restoration costs and those whose souls become intertwined with the property, falling deeply in love and [willing to] do whatever it takes to breathe life back into the castle.” The only question is how long it will take for them to find each other.

Three American castles currently on the market

If you fall into the same camp as Ian and Kristin, perhaps an American castle is in your future too. Below, AD surveys three available castles that are still anxiously awaiting their next steward.

Medieval Michigan Property

A medieval-inspired castle home in Michigan

Photo: Sotheby’s Realty

This home located in Rochester, Michigan isn’t just a castle, but a royal estate. Complete with a moat, waterfall, drawbridge, and portcullis, the medieval-style property was first listed in November of 2022 for $2.5 million, but has since been lowered to $2.35 million. The home’s 26 rooms span across 10,781 square feet, which include “secret rooms, hidden doors, hidden passageways, a hidden staircase, wine cellar, and a Tudor-style pub,” according to the listing. Though it is designed to look like it came from the middle ages, the home is outfitted with modern amenities, including an elevator and central air conditioning.

Chris Mark Castle

Chris Mark Castle

Photo: Tyra Pacheco, courtesy of Compass in Coastal New England.

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