In the living room of an Upper West Side brownstone Studio Tove chose a few largescale furniture pieces and incorporated...

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Founding principal Kevin Greenberg holds degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to founding Space Exploration in 2008, he worked for firms in New York, Seattle, and Japan, and is also an active writer and teacher. 

In the living room of an Upper West Side brownstone, Studio Tove chose a few large-scale furniture pieces and incorporated some of the client’s preexisting furniture, while being mindful of the energy flow and circulation within the space.

Seth Caplan

Studio Tove, previously Vergara Interiors, was founded by Silvana Vergara—an architect and interior designer with over 12 years of experience delivering high-end space and product designs for a wide range of clients, including residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Vergara believes interiors act as extensions of ourselves, conveying moods and emotions.

The bedroom of the same renovated brownstone features more textures and a cooler color palette, which Studio Tove chose to match the character of the space. 

Seth Caplan

At Studio Tove, the team strives to co-create timeless spaces with their clients. These rooms can be a reflection of their inhabitants, and exist in synchrony with their energy and aesthetic pursuits. Vergara’s interest in sustainability and eco-conscious projects has resulted in an exploration into material health research and a refocus of her interior design practice on wellness. She holds a certificate by the Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons as a designer qualified to create healthier interiors.

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