Cracked Pepper plays a grounding role in a light and airy open kitchen.

Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year and Trends Palette Selections Might Surprise You


Cracked Pepper plays a grounding role in a light and airy open kitchen.

Illustration courtesy Behr

But for the truly color-obsessed, the announcement of this “approachable, livable, and timeless” tone is only half of the Behr’s big news today. The company is also announcing its 2024 Trends Palette, a bellwether of the paint colors that will rule interiors in the year ahead—all of which pair nicely with Cracked Pepper, of course.

True whites (Whipping Cream, Weathered White), pale neutrals (Even Better Beige, Chic Taupe), and pastels (Malt, Off Shore Mist) are all “forward-thinking, and livable” choices, according to Woelfel. There are also more energetic and nature-learning hues included (think Amber Brew). As for Woelfel, it’s two of these more saturated tones that she calls out as a couple of her personal favorites. First off, Rumors, a deep red, and second, Provence Blue, a pale blue paint with hints of green. The former, she adds, is a unique selection for a color palette, while the second, she stresses, is very versatile.

The chosen shade integrates nicely in homes of all styles, from modern to traditional and beyond.

Illustration courtesy Behr

When asked how interior designers will benefit from all this news, Woelfel says that she hopes it “gives them ideas, and a place to start. That’s really our goal, to coach people.” Indeed, the Color Trends Palette offers an edited, more navigable selection from the seemingly endless paint samples lining the Behr aisles at the Home Depot. “We want to give [people] confidence in making their selections,” adds Woelfel. 

Will the data-backed selection—opting for the time-tested choice over more bright and saturated colorways—be the way of other paint companies as well? Only time, and more color of the year announcements, will tell. 



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