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A Minimalist Apartment in Barcelona Full of Functionality in Just 430 Square Feet


The owners needed the property to instantly stand out from the rest of the market while feeling and appearing more airy and spacious than its mere 430 square feet. It was also important that the design not clash with the rest of the building, which won the prestigious Premio Fad award in 2022. “We made sure to respect the building’s character, particularly the monochromatic tones and the understated elegance of the Arquitectura-G structural design,” the designers added.

The empty space offered the team a totally blank canvas. They turned the entrance into an open space that can serve as either a living room or potentially even a small gallery. The heart of the apartment is a low alcove with a bathroom, kitchen, and storage. At the rear of the apartment there’s a garden and another room that can serve as either an office or a bedroom. Above, there is a mezzanine with a bookshelf, storage cabinets, and a reading nook.

“We were looking to evoke feelings of relaxation, calm, and peace. We paid particular attention to the height of the ceilings and natural light sources to appeal to potential buyers with a relaxing, healing space. We wanted it to function either as a cozy home or a space that could potentially host an art exhibition or even serve as the office for a business—and to do so with an air of solid confidence,” the team adds.



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